Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Virgo

The sexy horoscope for Virgos is full of joys. Virgos love sex. If you notice signs of cooling in your Virgo partner, be sure to ask what the matter is. The fact is that the difficulties experienced by the Virgin affect all aspects of her life. These people just don't know how to deal with trouble. If your lover suddenly became cold and does not experience an erotic wave, it is quite possible that this was due to the fact that he did not receive the desired promotion at work, and not through your fault.

On a first date, you might think that Virgo, as the name of this sign implies, is chaste, but this is very far from the truth. A calm woman with glasses is dying to let her long hair down and show you sexy lingerie worn under a business suit and try something new erotic. But don't get too excited! She saves the most important thing for the one she loves, and does not give herself to the first person she meets, such an erotic horoscope is obtained.
Modesty, timidity, even some shyness. The desire to keep everything under control and the fear of their own fantasies. A sharp, narrow-minded mind and a fear of broadening one's horizons at the expense of one's own experience.

Such are the Virgos, both men and women. They create their own world, in which, over time, life becomes simply unbearable. But time has passed, and there comes a time of loneliness and memories. They rush into the other extreme, away from illusions, into the real world. And if, enough time, they manage to start a family, have children, live to see grandchildren, without revealing to anyone either their own desires or their own fantasies.

Keeping in memory, in the very depths, one or two romantic meetings, which, in a certain sense, constitute their sexual experience ... Which, however, allows them to be reliable partners with whom you can share not only sexual experiences, but maintain business and friendly relations.


She wants to be perfect, and understands that this is impossible, because of which, many of her self-improvement efforts go to waste. Based on someone else's experience and fictitious conclusions, the Virgo woman superficially looks at people, which does not allow her to objectively evaluate people, regardless of gender.

At some point, she realizes that it will be easier for her if she considers sex as sexual intercourse, and love as sexual desire. Everything is simple, no storms, no romantic delirium. Sex should logically flow from the relationship that binds her to a man. And if so, she will stick to the pattern: courtship, romance, sex.
No, she doesn’t mind, she even really wants to, but there are several stages that must be present, so she treats courtship as a formality, which greatly impoverishes the emotional component of intimate relationships. She calls it real life.

Therefore, all the follies, she will also be scheduled, about which the partner will be notified in advance, she can even correct something by mutual agreement. However, if you look at this as a highlight, then everything will be in order, especially since Virgo will do everything that was stated, and if the partner is smart, then Virgo will add something from herself as a bonus.

But do not be surprised if the final chord is her request for punishment, a few slaps or a few bites will completely satisfy her. In order to be herself, she certainly needs to be guilty and punished, even if only formally.


Consistency and practicality, perhaps, are the strongest sides of the Virgo man, before making a decision, you can rest assured that he will weigh everything, calculate the options and choose the best one. Romantic relationships are no exception. For him, a woman, sex, love, are very curious phenomena, moreover, very pleasant, which should not be neglected. He loves the rules, so he plays fair, he has one partner, and if everything goes well, he will prefer to see her as his wife, and thus once and for all solve the problem of sex.

The Virgo man is a little old-fashioned, or maybe shy, so you won’t expect any manifestations of tenderness from him on the street or in transport, except for an innocent kiss on the cheek at a meeting, he will leave all manifestations of temperament to the bedroom. Where it will be gentle, consistent, and in some ways even methodical, in particular, in an effort to please you. In sex, he is more of an aesthete than a passionate lover, which, of course, has its advantages.

As a rule, he does not rush things, giving the woman the opportunity to decide for herself whether the right moment has come or not. And if you decide that the right moment has come, do not forget to warn him in advance so that he has time to prepare, buy a toothbrush, take a clean change of underwear and a fresh shirt.

If suddenly. You decide to diversify sexual games, be sure to consult with him if you try to be original, but it seems too much to him, you will have to listen to a short lecture about the rules and the need to follow them.

Perhaps the only violation that the Virgo man goes to is peeping, everything is harmless when he looks at you, if you express displeasure, he will easily switch to watching erotic scenes on television, but you will deprive him of a small, secret, absolutely harmless joy.


The Virgo woman has the best feminine qualities. She is attractive, beautiful, tender, erotic. She has a soft personality. Never uses a relationship with a man for personal gain. The partner enjoys the Virgo woman, and this is what brings her great joy. She is not capable of manifestations beyond passions, of violent sensuality. The Virgo woman needs affection, tenderness in bed. She treats her partner with deep respect. Sex with such a woman is colored with unique sensations. Her slight shyness, attractiveness, constantly returns her partner to her. When a man wiser, becomes wise enough to understand where his happiness is, he becomes her husband. The Virgo woman is made for the family. She is a wonderful hostess, an ideal wife, a loving and caring mother.


The Virgo man is a collected, purposeful person. He loves order in everything: not only in work, but also in sexual relations. In relationships with the opposite sex, he strives for clarity, simplicity. But feelings do not lend themselves to ordinary logic, this introduces difficulties in relationships with women. Virgo The man is very amorous. He's great in bed. Its erotic potential is very high. It easily satisfies the most demanding women. In addition to this, he is unusually affectionate and gentle. Such abilities are rare in other men. Women are conquered by his care and devotion. But in the case of infidelity, there are drastic changes in the relationship. The thirst for revenge can completely seize him. From a partner, a Virgo man expects mutual understanding, friendly disposition. He will become a wonderful husband if a woman can surround him with attention and care.