Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Taurus

What does it depend on and is it possible to predict in advance how sexy compatible you are with your chosen one? The answer to this question is simple: first of all, it depends on the temperament, lifestyle, character and habits of both of you. A professional psychologist, and even more so a sexologist, having met a couple in love, can give a fairly accurate forecast of their intimate life. However, there is another way to find out in advance how your relationship with this or that person can develop - to check your Taurus sexy horoscope.

Indeed, the sign of the Zodiac is able to give an idea not only of the main character traits of a person, but also of his health, erotic appetites, and even behavior in bed. What is waiting for you? Temperamental relationships in which quantity is sometimes more important than quality? Or maybe a love adventure? Fatal passion or tenderness and mutual understanding for life? The answer to these questions will give a sexy horoscope and an erotic horoscope Taurus, you just have to make your choice.
Don't rush if you want to get the most out of it. A non-violent temperament is completely compensated by strength, be a little lazy, let Taurus do what he wants. For them, this is a ritual, and in the ritual, the main thing is not to rush and follow the sequence. Spend more time in foreplay, get unforgettable, vivid sex.

Taurus is stubborn, don't butt heads with him, but you can use cunning and the element of play is the best strategy in this situation. The most suitable place for sex is comfortable, home conditions. Let there be subdued light, quiet music and a disassembled bed, Taurus do not like unfinished phrases and ambiguous expressions. On the other hand, it is easier for them and for you.

However, there are also surprises, the bisexuality of Taurus, do not be surprised if Taurus invites a third to bed, it can turn out to be a wonderful pastime, and all participants will be satisfied. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.


In choosing, she trusts her intuition and prefers to seduce everyone at once, so that later, she can choose exactly the one she needs. She is moderately conservative and traditional, therefore she allows a man to conquer her, to express himself. She is sensual, her sexuality is based on this, in sex, she believes, not only the body, but also the soul takes part.

In a couple, he prefers to have his own rights, and not just responsibilities. If you are dissatisfied with something, you will certainly know about it, and one of the first. If you want to save a relationship, learn to give in, but do not deceive, Taurus read lies like an open book. If her lover does not satisfy her, she will leave him. He will name the reason, and will certainly add that it is necessary to satisfy her sexual needs. Seductive and subtle, at the first stage, having achieved her goal, she relaxes, becomes inattentive, sloppy, allows lateness. Likes to lie in bed and eat well. Building their relationship, firstly, counts on marriage, and not on a love affair.

With age, the need for sex increases, the romantic beginning goes down, and just sex takes its place. He has a penchant for lesbian love, and after trying once, he refuses women with great difficulty, and at any moment he can return to his girlfriend.


No, he does not flash at first sight - he needs time. He wants, he needs, some time just for that. To only wish, give him this time, and then he will move in your direction. He wants to conquer, he wants to achieve - for him this is part of the sexual game, mind you, a necessary part of it.

He is insightful, be careful when using various tricks, everything must be sincere, only then you can get yourself a Taurus. Likewise, he is stubborn by nature, it is difficult to resist him, he does not stop halfway, if you suddenly decide to just play with him and quit, you can make big problems for yourself. It is he who decides what kind of woman he needs, just match, and he will not pass by.

He is a lover of comfort, he is a materialist, and this is part of his charm. At the same time, be careful about his emotions and feelings, if you touched them, it will be very difficult to part with him. He is jealous that his, then only his.
Along with this, his approach to sex is very primitive, he just enjoys it, and from sex, if you want variety, try it yourself. For a certain type of women, he is an ideal lover, moreover, he is ready to pay generously for pleasure.


Taurus women are surprisingly charming, sophisticated, erotic and somewhat whimsical. As a rule, these women are surrounded by beautiful, elegant things and bright men. They are quite sociable and easily find a common language with others. Men prefer these women and seek to achieve intimacy with them because of their charm, sex appeal. Taurus A woman is an excellent partner in sexual relations, capable of bringing a man the strongest satisfaction. She fills her partner with a sense of joy and happiness. However, these women are very fickle in their relationships. They easily change partners. They manage to avoid problems and unpleasant relationships for them. Likewise, they plunge into new connections with all sincerity and recklessness, expecting the new and the unknown. These women are attractive, erotic and capable of ruining their partner. In family life, they are also fickle and chaotic.


These men are very attractive to build a family with them. Taurus men are confident people, correct and respectful of women. They are endowed with self-esteem. Women do not pass by the passion of these men. In bed, they are sustained, do not strive for leadership. They may not be subtle or sophisticated in relationships, but they are very open and sincere in expressing their feelings. They expect the same openness from a partner. Likewise, they are jealous men, but perceive this as their weakness of character. Taurus Men prefer to choose their own woman, without listening to other people's advice. At the same time, they are difficult to "seduce", they are smart and insightful. They keep their physical shape for a long time. In family relationships, they are happy, thanks to the efforts of his wife.