Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Scorpio

For Scorpio, there are no prohibitions in sex. For him, the most important thing is to fulfill himself sexy and mentally. Marriage or relationships without sex do not exist for him. Scorpio is very persistent. And if he or she doesn't feel welcome twenty-four hours a day, they feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, an overly self-confident Scorpio can literally kill his unfortunate partner with incredible demands and unbridled erotic fantasy.

Scorpions have one remarkable feature, of course, there are many good features in them, but this one is a rarity: they know how to keep secrets and do not inform the whole world about what they have achieved. A lady in public and a whore in bed is a typical Scorpio, and this is true not only for women. Your Scorpio friend may ask you about your sex life, but don't expect any replies. And if you hear, then do not rush to believe. Sometimes Scorpios are seized by real megalomania, the grandeur of the sexy horoscope, and since they are not going to tell you the truth, you can be branded as a liar. The tactic is somewhat unusual, but quite effective.
They are very strong and unpredictable, especially when it comes to sexual relationships. They calm down only if they fall exhausted, as a rule, this means that the night has passed, and it is already dawn outside the window. Perhaps they know everything about sex, and each started meeting ends with complete satisfaction.

However, it should be remembered that Scorpio men, and women, are especially prone to dominance. And if the strength and fantasy of the partner allow, the sex that has begun easily turns into a role-playing game with submission, where, of course, it is the Scorpios who are in the role of masters.

You should also know that if you went along with the representatives of this sign, if you weakened your defense even a little, or even just showed interest, then by all means find yourself in bed with Scorpio, they are great masters of seduction.


If there were such a subject as the seduction of men, the primacy of teachers, without a doubt, should have been given to Scorpio women. They intuitively react to every interested look in their direction, and if they like you, the hunt practically begins on you. A man, in this alignment of forces, is just a rabbit who cannot escape his fate.

One gets the impression that her life resource is designed for several women, as if she does not know the measure. Love for her is no less serious than work, therefore, she approaches both with full dedication. Too much energy, too much passion, it is impossible to get bored with such a woman, but sometimes, an excess of energy tires her partners, and she herself is unable to control her passion. Her attitude towards weakness is contempt, and her jealousy is like a hurricane.

Sex for her is a continuous experiment on herself and her partner. She is the initiator of sex and will do everything to make every night unforgettable. No matter how much you know about sex, and no matter how extensive your sexual experience is, she still manages to surprise you. She'll try every new thing in the sex shop, try every cream and lotion to keep the night going. It is she who directs the process, and you can only obey her or run. Sometimes, the passion for dominance takes her into the ranks of lesbians, where she gladly plays the role of a man.


Just like others seek wealth or power, the Scorpio man seeks sex. He is passionate and unpredictable, which sometimes makes him dangerous for his partners. He never thinks about the consequences or about other people, the Scorpio man is simply not up to it, he is attracted by another sexual entertainment. In his sexual lexicon, the word cannot be completely absent. For his passion, for his lust, there are no boundaries, in this respect he is more animal than man. The desire for possession completely overshadows the mind. He just needs to have fun, and he will do everything for this.

Technique, sophisticated foreplay, it's not for him. All his caresses border on pain, or turn into pain, which excites Scorpio even more. He needs complete and absolute domination, he is internally convinced that every woman dreams of rape, therefore, he perceives the word no as a sign that a woman wants to be conquered.

As a rule, the Scorpio man strives to stretch the intercourse as long as possible, for the sake of this, he is ready to hurt himself. He does not recognize any contraceptives, so the partner should take care of this, it is worth remembering that pills will be more suitable, because it is almost impossible to put a condom on Scorpio. On the other hand, men of this sign adore various sexual toys, and are happy to try out a new one on their partner, especially without being interested in her opinion.

In a critical state, the urge to inflict pain becomes obsessive and malicious, turning the extravagant sex lover into a violent rapist.


The Scorpio woman is smart, energetic, and attractive. She has an extraordinary temperament. She is made for sex. As a rule, they start their sexual life early. It's about her: a fatal, furious, mysterious woman. Her whole life is subordinated to only one thing - to get sexual satisfaction. Men cannot pass by such a woman. Meeting her drives them crazy. In bed, a Scorpio woman disregards all conventions, becomes insane, furious and beautiful in this. Many men find in her the embodiment of their ideal. Next to her, they improve their sexual skills and become even more attached to her. Feeling real bliss next to this woman, having been at the erotic peak, men are unable to deprive themselves of intimacy with her. Both career and family relationships are sacrificed, but the man returns to this woman again and again. The man she chooses to be her husband will be lucky. A Scorpio woman becomes a wonderful wife and a good friend to her husband. She makes a lot of efforts so that her husband becomes a successful person.


The Scorpio man is a temperamental nature, capable of extraordinary acts. It combines the skill of the player and the artist. As a rule, Scorpio is unusually sexy. He is an indispensable partner for love pleasures. However, not every woman can seduce Scorpio himself. Personal freedom for a Scorpio man is the greatest value in his life. He perceives intimacy with a woman as a sports hobby, where he can apply his talent for reincarnation, use his intellectual abilities. He is not interested in easily accessible women. The highest pleasure for Scorpio is to possess a strong, intellectual, free and independent woman. The very process of a love game with such a partner gives him great satisfaction. With the defeated, he acts nobly, rewarding her with his temperament, sensual exquisite sex. For many women, losing to him is tantamount to defeating him. For family life, Scorpio men are absolutely not adapted. In most cases, they prefer to remain single.