Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Sagittarius

Now you want to know what to expect from this sign in the bedroom. And this is your main mistake! The bedroom is not the most favorite place for representatives of fire signs, Sagittarius is easily excited, he is unpredictable, his sexy horoscope is very strong. Night under the stars seems to him much more attractive than silk sheets. This sign has remarkable energy. When Sagittarius says he wants to stay with you all night, he means all night, erotic night. This is not empty talk. So that you are not mistaken about him, I will say that quality is much more important for Sagittarius than quantity, including in relation to sex. Endurance is a good thing, but Sagittarius needs much more.

Sagittarians pay attention to physical attractiveness, but most of all they are drawn to intelligence. Sagittarius wants to be in love with the one with whom he sleeps, but he is simply not able to get enough, so it is destined to be in the erotic horoscope. I'm afraid that a one-night stand for this sign is not uncommon. Sagittarians are not selfish, quite the contrary. If you fall in love with a Sagittarius, immediately let him know that you will not tolerate polygamy in any case. If you don't tell him, he just won't know. Sagittarius is like a child who is ready to eat all the sweets from a huge bag, and then declare that he was not forbidden to do this, and if he got sick, then this is all the fault of nasty adults.
Life is a game, love relationships, part of the game, in contrast to friendship, which seems to Sagittarius as an enduring, true value. Perhaps that is why it is among the friends of Sagittarius that you can meet former lovers and mistresses. Both men and women of Sagittarius are very unpretentious in choosing a new love interest, they easily converge, and just as easily part. Sagittarius are reckless, they perceive each new hobby as the last in life, and give themselves entirely to it, but they are too fickle to sit in one place.

Easy to communicate, often witty with a loose tongue, they attract different people, and they just have to choose with whom to have another affair. They hate boredom, and instead of aimlessly walking from corner to corner, they prefer to break off anywhere, even to the ends of the world, just to get rid of the routine.

Sagittarius prefer sex in the fresh air, for this they are ready to drive and drive several hundred kilometers, only it was quiet around, and no one interfered with romantic solitude.


She is a Casanova in a skirt, you can’t say otherwise, always ready for new adventures, including love ones. She is straightforward and does not like to be diplomatic, but at the same time, any breakup is going through hard, at least the first fifteen minutes, and then everything returns to normal.

In sex, the Sagittarius woman tries to shorten the preliminary stage, she likes caresses and kisses, but she prefers the main occupation more. Moreover, she focuses more on her own satisfaction than on the satisfaction of her partner, if satisfaction does not come, she will finish everything herself, not at all interested in the opinion and desires of her partner. Being in a playful mood, she teases her partner literally bringing him to exhaustion, to the point of losing control of himself.

After sex, prefers to spend a few minutes talking about something or how good it was. Instead of experimenting in sex, if she suddenly got bored with her partner, she would rather change her partner than try to learn something new from the Kama Sutra. All this exoticism does not awaken her imagination at all, from her point of view, sex should be natural. The biggest problem of the Sagittarius woman, her promiscuity, which concerns not only lovers, but also favorite activities, cannot enjoy anything for a long time, monotony upsets her.

Boredom and a frivolous attitude to life often prompts a Sagittarius woman to have sex with a woman, but this does not last too long, just a couple of new female names appear on the list of her good friends.

In an extreme state, especially in dealing with mistresses, the Sagittarius woman suddenly shows a tendency to cruelty and sadism, until the next connection stops.


The Sagittarius man is looking for, and this is his normal state, places and women, unable to keep him longer than he himself appointed. Yesterday he was the soul of the company, accompanied by a charming woman, and today they say about him that he is already on the other side of the country, and the day after tomorrow, in general, God knows where. Of course, he can return, but for this, not his mistress, but a friend, should call him.

It is windy and fickle. The main thing for him is the search process, not the result. In fact, he is looking for an ideal that he once drew, therefore, this is something ephemeral, unattainable, which means that Sagittarius will move from one love story to another. The funny thing is that he sincerely believes that these catch-ups make sense, and that, in the end, he will find his ideal.

His propensity for sex is superficial, he likes to make love, but this is not the goal of his life, it is not even always the goal of his relationships with women. Sometimes, before a romantic meeting comes, the Sagittarius man is overtaken by disappointment, then he can simply turn around and leave without explanation.

At the same time, Sagittarius likes sex, and he enjoys doing it, and likes to experiment, but sometimes quality replaces quantity, and he allows himself to have more than one mistress. In sex, he likes everything, and a well-suspended tongue can persuade you to any experiment.

Having reached a certain experience, the Sagittarius man turns sex into an art and moves to another level, he likes to please women, his mistress in his hands is able to achieve orgasm already at a preliminary stage.

He has a penchant for fetishism, and the lack of clear ideas about morality allows him to enter into homosexual relationships, however, as short as relationships with women.


Women born under the sign of Sagittarius are surprisingly charming and attractive. These are refined natures, sensual, perhaps a little capricious. They need to be surrounded by beautiful, refined things, bright men. The Sagittarius woman does not hide these traits of hers, but she still remains attractive to men. An experienced partner is able to appreciate in her the sophistication of nature, her eroticism. This woman is able to experience sensual pleasure and her enthusiasm is transferred to a sexual partner. A man does not leave such a woman, despite the fact that a relationship with her can ruin him. However, in her sexual desires, the Sagittarius woman is very fickle. She easily changes her partner, even when she is married.


For women, this is an attractive type of man. Sagittarius are self-confident people, in most cases successful. They have a respectful and gallant attitude towards a woman. Sagittarius men are passionate lovers and this passion is transferred to the partner. In intimate relationships, he is inclined to equality of partners, sincerely shows his feelings. Sagittarius may not have refined erotic prowess, but remain attractive to women. Sagittarius men prefer to choose their own partner for sex, without relying on anyone's authoritative opinion. They do not succumb to any female tricks, thanks to their insight. Having opted for a sensual, sincere woman, he can let himself be ringed. As a rule, Sagittarius have happy and strong families.