Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Pisces

So, you have succeeded in seducing this wonderful sign - one of the sexiest signs of the Zodiac in the erotic horoscope. Pisces have a penchant for drama, and are able to turn the most ordinary and ordinary place into a mysterious and romantic one. These are not ordinary people. It is necessary to win their heart very carefully so that this fish does not slip away. Pisces do not like purely sexy relationships, they need something more erotically.

Before moving on to sexy relations, Pisces must feel sincere love. Although they love dramatic twists, in reality, feelings and sincerity are most important to them. This does not mean that you can quickly see through your Pisces partner. Pisces in love is very difficult to understand. It is even more difficult to predict its behavior. Pisces can plan a wedding, but if on the day of the ceremony it seems to her that she was in a hurry, she simply will not come to church, such an erotic horoscope.
Occultism and belief in the supernatural dominate this sign, their own self is suppressed by otherworldly forces, and most of them are sure that they are given to foresee the future. But a strong magical beginning, completely deprives them of the ability to resist reality, because in everything they see signs from above.

Worrying about other people's troubles and problems, they forget to themselves, and at the same time, they are dependent on other people's actions and other people's fantasies. Their own life is dreams and the search for an ideal, which, due to their own indecision, changes every day under the influence of others.

Trying to protect themselves from external influences, they lead a double life. It all starts with secret meetings, which quite unexpectedly turn into secret societies, where some representatives realize there, not quite standard, sexual fantasies. Weak representatives of this sign, moreover, with a pleasant appearance and partially suppressed will, easily enter this circle and remain there, sometimes forever.


They are sensual, gentle and responsive, their magical potential allows them to see lies, but innate kindness defeats intuition and inner voice. The ability to consider the future seems to stop working when it comes to themselves. For Pisces women, a companion is vital, on whom they could rely, make him happy, and live in the well-being of themselves. But strong, freedom-loving natures frighten the timid Pisces, and their chosen ones, as a rule, are a man who needs help.

The internal split complicates the life of such women even more, and leads them to adultery. She can't decide what kind of man she wants. Due to natural qualities, she chooses the weaker and least sexual, once again giving up what she wants, from her dream.

Along with this, her inner sexuality and passion breaks out, he seduces men involuntarily, and then, she herself is afraid of them. Pisces's women love to tease men, especially strong and attractive ones, sometimes she even uses them to solve some of her problems, but she still lacks the courage to connect her life with him.

She feels great in the bedroom, will take part in any sexual game offered, will do everything necessary to please her partner, and he will never know that most of what a woman did was unpleasant to her, if not disgusting. However, at the moment of sex, she does not feel anything negative, at some point, she even enjoys it. Such is their power to help someone get pleasure, and this puts her in the position of a slave, she is more prone to anal sex and masochism than others.

The only right that she reserves for herself is the slow, but sophisticated revenge, which she resorts to in case of betrayal.


He is always captivated by passions, he is always inconsistent, nothing that he starts, he is not allowed to complete. He is too sensitive in relation to the world around him. Likewise, he is attracted to sensual women with a pronounced leadership, he wants to be protected and loved, but such women do not need such men. And besides, he is not distinguished by devotion and fidelity, not because of the deceitfulness of nature, he cannot be blamed for this, but because of a too romantic outlook on life.

Even if some woman manages to bring the matter to the wedding, she will never keep him, sooner or later he will leave. He is too easily influenced by others. In sex life, he is more like a capricious child than a man. He cannot tolerate if he is impatient, and even more so, reschedule for another day or even an hour.

Secret dates excite men born under the sign of Pisces. In order to have a reason for such meetings, he would prefer to meet with married women than with free women. He likes to be a toy and a boy in more experienced hands, so he realizes his secret fantasies, which, as a rule, include a woman with excessive and perverted sexy desires.

He is an obedient toy who enjoys what others do with him, regardless of whether they are men or women. Eventually, he develops a relationship between sex and pain, whether it's a bite or a lash or hardcore anal intercourse. The dominant position frightens him, and he can take this position only at the insistence of the master, and on the condition that he returns to the position of a slave as soon as possible.


The Pisces woman is a surprisingly romantic nature. She lives in the world of creative people. She is surrounded by actors, musicians, artists, writers. They are building castles in the air. Her erotic claims do not affect physical intimacy in any way. Pisces finds the realization of their sexuality in adoration, in love games. In her developed imagination, the Pisces woman endows her partner with non-existent qualities, turning him into a prince. However, even this does not give her the opportunity to experience complete sensory satisfaction in sex. All her life, she has been waiting for a miracle, hoping to meet the one who will shower her with roses and make her happy. At the moment of intimacy with a man, a Pisces woman can indulge in romantic dreams, which finally pushes her partner away from her. These women are not capable of bringing pleasure to the chosen one in sex. They sincerely do not understand that in intimacy it is necessary to share their sensuality, to bestow their partner with their caresses. Despite her extraordinary kindness, men do not return to her. In family life, she is very fickle. However, her numerous infidelities cannot be explained not only by her husband, but also by herself.


Pisces' men are endowed with a rich inner world, in which erotic melodies occupy a large place. They have extraordinary sensibility. Their sexuality excites women. They are able to give her true pleasure. But Pisces Man remains closed and does not reveal his soul to his partner. He gently but firmly rejects all attempts at heartfelt revelations. Pisces would prefer to end a relationship with a woman than reveal her secret thoughts to her. For such men, it is impossible to become dependent on a partner. They highly value their freedom. Pisces do not talk about their sexual relationships, they will never discuss it even with their closest friends. He enjoys his victories over women alone. In a sense, he can be called a collector who respects his acquisitions with due respect. The Pisces man does not need a family, children, but, as a rule, consciously marries. Family life with Pisces is calm, measured, despite the fact that it is devoid of sincerity.