Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Libra

Most of all, Libra in the sexy horoscope needs the full attention of a partner. Don't look at others. And why do you need it, if next to you is such a magnificent lover like Libra? Libra understands the needs of the opposite sex so well that it is simply impossible not to choose them.

The word "sex" Libra is always capitalized in the erotic horoscope. Life for them is a constant sexual competition, both in business and in personal life. Flattery and charm allow them to win the most terrible reputation. But Libra loves to care more than bring things to bed. Libras will not throw themselves into bed with just anyone, unless you manage to convince them of your own exclusivity. Libra knows how to give and receive love for free, but in their hearts they are constantly tormented by doubts about their own sexual attractiveness.
Aristocracy, and even if Libra is not lucky with blue blood, they can easily be mistaken for representatives of bohemians - they are very fond of beautiful things, beautiful buildings, beautiful people. For them, the eyes are such an organ that should experience excitement from beauty, from contact with it.

Elegance is the second word that characterizes the representatives of this sign. Loving the beautiful, they themselves are very, very beautiful, plus the sophisticated things that both Libra men and women choose as if on a whim. Look into the hall, as a rule, the most refined beauty in people born under this sign. Or pay attention to those who most often look in the mirror, this is also an indicator. They are almost flawless, but they need perfection.

The extent to which beauty attracts them, they are just as repelled by what is ugly and inharmonious, this causes Libra a real shock that threatens to turn into a real nervous illness. Due to the craving for everything beautiful, Libra is very fickle. And be careful, and maybe careful, almost all the craziest in sex was invented by Libra.


Beauty attracts women born under this sign, beckons like a magnet, she will go out on the terrace to look at an elegant car, and return with a handsome man, they are too fickle. At the same time, the need for men, firstly, is expressed in the need to listen to compliments addressed to oneself. Yes, they feel like a gem that needs the right setting.

Libra is one of the most leisurely signs in sex. She needs to have time to see everything, how she looks in a nightgown and completely naked, how her partner looks, and also how picturesquely the sheet has gone astray, whether the pillows are lying, and in the end, it is vital for her to hear that she is beautiful, and sex with her was either very good, or amazing, or beautiful.

In addition to caresses, touches to her body, the Libra woman loves words, especially poetry, even a few lines from a sonnet, but they excite no less than a kiss. For her, love and sex is an art, not a duel. She is not a fortress to be conquered by her partner, she is a canvas. The lover is given the role of the artist, and together, together, they must paint a picture of passion, a picture of love, worthy of admiration.

And in the morning, don't wake her up like a real Bohemian, she prefers to get up closer to noon. She will like it if there is champagne for breakfast and a morning shower together. If you want to get real pleasure from an intimate relationship, rely on the Libra woman.


In cases with Libra men, the love of beauty sometimes plays a cruel joke, it makes them indecisive. It's not about courage at all, just a choice - very beautiful, and beautiful, literally drives them crazy. His emotional world is very fragile, any scene, any scandal can have the most unpredictable consequences.

In sex, Libra men, firstly, are guided by the desire of their partner. Such men seem to set a goal for themselves - if a woman agreed to contact him, she should get maximum pleasure, and he will make every effort to do so. Their hands are very sensitive, and their fingers are warm and tender, with just his hands he can drive a woman to madness. Men of this sign are very skilled in foreplay. Plus, they have excellent imagination and well-developed intuition. Do not pay attention to the fragility of the physique of Libra men, this is a deceptive impression, it is quite possible that you will be the first to ask him to stop.

Libra men perceive sexual relationships as a long process that begins long before the couple is under the sheet. There are no casual touches or innocent kisses in this process, remember that as soon as you opened the door of the house in front of the Libra man, the game began.

In addition, they are very attentive to their partners, they will give time to rest, take a sip of water, change position or put a pillow, all without losing sensual tension. However, they cannot be called faithful and constant, from their point of view there is nothing reprehensible in giving pleasure to several women. The refined nature of Libra men, their good knowledge of female anatomy, it's like a constant balancing act that often makes them bisexual.


The Libra woman was born with erotic aspirations. They are embedded in her subconscious. She is unusually temperamental. With surprise, she finds herself in a strange bed with a complete lack of understanding of how this happened. In her life, sex occupies a huge place, despite the fact that she does not attach much importance to it. In relationships with men, her behavior is very different. A strong, powerful man will easily subjugate her to himself, and she will gladly fulfill all his whims. A weak man will be forced to yield to her. However, a Libra Woman expects only physical pleasure from sex. In most cases, a man does not feel the fullness of intimacy with her. This woman needs to feel loved and adored. Then she completely transforms. A cheerful, charming nature will appear before you. With age, especially in family life, her love affairs become more meaningful and interested.


Libra men are very controversial natures. On the one hand, they have a wonderful character, elegance, sociability. They are surrounded by the love of others. On the other hand, there is an extraordinary eroticism, a constant desire for sex, a painful thirst for a woman. Occasionally it is possible to achieve harmony in relations with a woman. Otherwise, temperament takes over, and sexual desires close the whole world. Then he is in constant nervous excitement, which can lead to various breakdowns. In this state, he would like, if possible, to leave his family and indulge in unrestrained sex. He does not pay due attention to his partners, he only needs to satisfy his passion. The only way out for such men can be a woman with similar erotic needs. With luck, if the Libra man manages to find an equally temperamental partner, he will be able to gain relative peace in family life.