Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Leo

No matter how long it takes you to put yourself in order, you should look impeccable by the arrival of Leo, which includes the readiness to immediately throw yourself into bed, as the erotic horoscope says. Leo appreciates partners - it doesn't matter, for life or for one night - who are able to take care of themselves. Please don't forget about it. Leo, even in a depressed state, will never lower the bar.

Life for Leo is love, sex and relationships. These three elements are inseparable in the sexy horoscope. Relations without sex very quickly get bored with Leo. If the situation is not changed in time, he will try to find another partner for himself. Even young Leos are constantly pushing the relationship to the next stage - they are called by the spirit of adventure and healthy adventurism. And it's not an insult. No matter how beautiful you are and what a good person you are, once a young Leo has learned the life lesson that you could teach him, he will immediately rush to the next one.
Here everything is decided by royal blood. First, you should show your respect, and only then everything else. Lions should be admired and followed by their laconic royal decrees, naturally, without hiding delight, even if not very sincere.

If sex weren't a "royal business", they could have banned it, and they would have refused it themselves. In most cases, their intimate relationships are simple, if not primitive, as if they allow themselves to surrender or conquer and go aside, looking around in search of the next enemy.

Their position is only on top, and only in extreme cases, on an equal footing, as a sign of special mercy. No foreplay, no sexual games, Lions prefer to go straight to the point, that is, to sexual intercourse, well, if only a couple of kisses, in the form of a special arrangement.


Falling in love, confusion, play, this is what the Leo woman left to her men, she is the only one, she is beautiful, she is incomparable. She is like a jewel in a jewelry store, which is why her sexual relations are somewhat similar to buying and selling. A man can only be grateful that he got her and no compromises.

She is bright, attractive and voluptuous, and all this is not at all hidden, at the level of instinct she feels that they are ready to obey her, so just being lazy and looking around, it does not even occur to her that she can be at least unwanted by someone. Having played enough, she instantly cools down, and in her eyes' boredom gradually develops into contempt, in the end, she just turns and leaves. As a rule, it rarely occurs to anyone to demand an explanation or revenge.

Her actions in bed are devoid of originality and ingenuity, her passion and tirelessness are enough, men get everything else, so long as they do not encroach on her royalty.

In bed, he prefers dominance, but can go for temporary equality. In an extreme state, dominance takes extreme forms, including a whip or an artificial phallus, if suddenly, she wants to feel like a man.


He attracts women, and arouses the quiet envy of men. He not only wants to be first, he is first. This is a covert form of exhibitionism, forcing him to be in front of people who admire him as much as possible. He would prefer to refuse his woman a beautiful dress, so long as it does not distract attention from himself.

He needs to feel like a winner, and if there is no current war, let it be sports in which he will still be a winner. And even if he takes the last place, in less than five minutes, the standings are turned upside down so that he is the first.

The scheme of his relations with women is very simple - he said, she obeyed. No excuses, no coquetry, no promises if you're not going to keep them - at best, he'll slam the door and go to the brothel. At worst, he will also leave, but before that you will feel all his fury on yourself.

The Leo man is tireless in sex, so his woman should be ready at any moment for the fact that she will be required to fulfill her duty. However, sex for him is just a physical exercise, which gives him some pleasure, which, however, he can easily change to football or tennis.

A woman must obey - this is the Lion's axiom, if she kneels down, he will show her a favor, which she must certainly admire. In rare cases of sexual inversion, Leo can act as an exhibitionist, walking down the street in shoes and a raincoat, under which there is nothing but his nature.


Leo woman is a very attractive person. She is able to charm and turn the head of the most seasoned man. However, her temperament cannot be called a lion. In any situation, she remains reasonable, cold-blooded. Perhaps this is due to her some frigidity, lack of interest in sex. A man can notice the lack of passion in his eyes, even in bed. Because of her practicality, she considers any partner as a possible candidate for husbands. The Leo woman is made for family life. She respects, appreciates and protects her family. As a rule, she becomes a good housewife and caring mother. But her coldness creates problems in intimate life. In search of a sensual, hot relationship, her husband cheats on her. And you can't blame him for that. A Leo woman can create a happy family only with a man who has low erotic claims.


At first glance, the Leo man is a friendly, self-confident person. However, behind this appearance lies a weak character. These men do not believe in their abilities and capabilities. They constantly expect any ridicule from a partner. They are always tense, afraid of a possible breakdown. Every minute, Leo men prove to others their usefulness. Because of this, they can enter into risky relationships, embark on various love adventures. He needs a wise and tactful woman who can restore his confidence, convince him of his superiority over other men and his exclusivity. In the hands of such a woman, a formidable lion becomes a toy. Only such a woman will a Leo man choose as his wife. In this case, the Leo man becomes a wonderful, affectionate, loving husband and caring father. A woman expects a happy family life