Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Gemini

Sex for Gemini is a way of life. They use sex appeal to get everything they want - in love, at work, and even from their friends. If this does not suit you, they will be able to surround you with such attention and care that you will gladly forgive them everything, because the sexy horoscope cannot be deceived. Gemini is able to achieve anything with a simple movement of a finger. Such people are able to flirt even with animals. When Gemini enters the room, everyone feels the wind of change, because the erotic horoscope suggested so. Only a thick-skinned elephant can fail to notice this. Gemini literally radiate sexuality, although they themselves do not understand how they do it. At least that's how it seems to me. I tried many times to find out how they do it. You will never remember which of you started the conversation, but you will enter the conversation instantly. Geminis are notorious for attracting partners by abusing them, but they're not the only ones to use this tactic.
They are different, they pass from one state to another, without noticing it themselves, life in all its diversity circles them, not letting them stop. Therefore, they move from one partner to another, easily and naturally, without establishing strong ties.

Impermanence, both external and internal, is one of the main traits of Gemini, and this confuses others, and sometimes even scares them. In love and sex games, Gemini has two options for implementing this impermanence.

Gemini either change partners, or change themselves in relation to one partner, which is why relationships with representatives of this sign seem so unsteady and temporary, as if they are not real.


Diversity is her middle name, never repeating herself is her motto. Even if this is a long-established relationship, women of this sign will always find something to surprise their partner with. If the partner is ready for such a variety - he is lucky, if the partner prefers predictable women, with less imagination, including sexually, the Gemini woman will frighten him. She will break his heart, and leave easily and carelessly, as always, parting with men. It is easy to part and easily converge, confident that this is just another affair, and nothing in this life can last forever.

At the same time, she is not at all frivolous, moreover, even in a short relationship with a partner, she will analyze the situation, listen carefully to her interlocutor, delve into his problems and even try to help. Of course, as much as a short and stormy romance allows. If, however, the partner’s problems last longer than an intimate relationship, she will be unhappy and will try to break the burdensome relationship as soon as possible. She is like that in friendship, more precisely, in acquaintances, because, before many years of friendship, it does not come.

She likes when she is in the spotlight, when she is admired, when she is a mysterious stranger, as soon as this halo melts, she disappears. Do not try to bind such a woman, otherwise, she can turn your life into a real nightmare. To establish a more or less permanent relationship, she needs not only sexual compatibility, but also intellectual, this is a prerequisite.

She gets her first sexual experience early, as she gains experience, sex in her performance more and more resembles a weapon in the struggle for material independence.

Without being demanding on the scene, she sets the pace herself, trust her, and get a real pleasure. She likes foreplay, there should be a lot of them, and they should be very diverse, no need to rush her, she herself will give a signal, but don’t try to put out the fire if it has already flared up - she will still get her way. It can be very aggressive, even prone to sadism, and natural curiosity can lead it very far in search of auxiliary sexual devices.


Active contradiction, so you can determine the actions of men born under the sign of Gemini. He contradicts everyone, he contradicts the World, and ultimately, he contradicts himself. He is in too much of a hurry to live, as if he has decided to drive several lives into one, his own.

The most important thing for Gemini men is not the episode of sex itself, but the movement towards it. The game itself, where he shines with his mind, is original, in other words, leads the siege, if this was not the case, then the victory loses its value. The victory, including the sexual one, should, firstly, confirm his intellectual superiority. In intimate relationships, he is not demanding and not passionate. At almost any moment of the sexual game, he can abstract and think about something else that has nothing to do with sex itself or with a partner.

In sex itself, he is interested in himself, he will even arrange mirrors, just to see himself from all sides. This gives him pleasure. Hidden cameras will also suit him, if, suddenly, we are talking about bisexual or group relationships, because he does not shy away from either one or the other. Split personality - he wants to be both a man and a woman at the same time, hence the interest in various devices and experiments, even if they are from the field of sadism and masochism.

When striving for a long-term relationship, do not forget that he reaches out to you as long as you resist, are of interest to him, but this time will eventually end, and then he will leave.


Women born under the sign of Gemini are characterized by some duality. These women are smart, insightful, sociable, easy to get along with people, have a wonderful character. All these personality traits help to become successful in work. But on the other hand, it is her insight, intelligence, ability to understand people that prevent her in erotic relationships with men. For a Gemini Woman, it is important that her partner has the same qualities as her. Finding such a man is not easy. In most cases, the fire of sensual relationships in these women will not flare up. She will allow herself a few casual relationships in which she will find only physical satisfaction. Men, even with a break in relations, will maintain respect for her. But if the Gemini woman is lucky, if she meets the man she needs, then she will experience real pleasure. She will be a loyal and devoted partner. Such a marriage will bring happiness to both spouses.


As a rule, Gemini men are very talented, creative natures. They are endowed with a developed imagination. These men know how to appreciate a woman, the beauty of an erotic relationship. However, a Gemini man cannot be called talented in sex. Their romanticism does not allow to adequately perceive a woman. They endow a woman with various sensual characteristics, which causes a response from her partner. However, sex brings disappointment to a woman. He enjoys himself in this love, not a woman. The Gemini man needs continuous care, and in most cases he manages to find a woman who is ready to sacrifice herself for his talent. It is impossible to build normal family relationships with these men. The partner always remains only a muse for them.