Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Capricorn

For Capricorn, sex is a very important thing in the sexy horoscope. Some of them use sex to understand people and how to get them to do something. However, as soon as they get burned, they run to mommy and daddy, ready to marry the neighbor's beauty. Do not expect them to awaken the spirit of adventurism. If there is work to be done, it must be done well, and there is no need to hammer nails into the wall while balancing on the washing machine. Unless everything will be thought out in advance and the necessary precautions will be taken.

You have probably heard rumors about the incredible endurance of Capricorns in a sexy and erotic sense. It is difficult to say whether this is true or not, but I myself have repeatedly heard such statements. In any case, Capricorn is a wonderful lover. There is no limit to perfection, and Capricorns hone their love technique for hours, striving to achieve the ideal. They don't follow the beaten track. On the first date, you might think that they are not interested in sex at all. This is not true. And in the bedroom, Capricorns are much better than you think.
In relation to the sex of Capricorns, there is a rather big difference between a man and a woman, what they have in common is the desire for a deeper and more lasting relationship. Sex is part of their life, but they get more pleasure from it at a more mature age, and maintain sexual tone until a very advanced age.

In some ways, their attitude towards sex resembles the attitude towards sex of Scorpios, however, without the cruelty inherent in the latter. Although, they perceive the word “no” as badly as Scorpios, but they do without violence.

For Capricorns, sex is not a sport, it is a serious part of life, to which they purposefully, with all responsibility, devote their time.


For Capricorn women, there is a whole set of social restrictions, such as moral principles, law, moral values. Plus, more than a cautious approach to love, she needs to be sure that this is once and for all. Plus, the painful orderliness of everything she can only reach.

Passion sleeps in it, you need to get to it, have the desire to spend time. She needs help to release her own emotions. She likes to be loved, she takes admiration for herself with pleasure, she is even able to get carried away by a man, but most of the emotions will remain with her if she is not helped. Once close, she will spend her whole life next to her chosen one, the only thing that will push her away once and for all is betrayal and betrayal.

In an awakened state, a Capricorn woman ignites instantly, her desire can be awakened with a single touch, or a fleeting kiss - an instant, and the fire of passion flares up. Long foreplay is not for her, she lights up all at once. Due to her passion for planning everything, she does not like surprises, even if these surprises are pleasant. She needs to know what's coming next in order to prepare. For the same reason, she prefers sex without any exotic, she is quite enough of what is called a classic.

It is desirable for the partner of the Capricorn woman to have good health, because it is she who prefers to set the pace she needs, will not go astray until she gets what she wants.

In an extreme state, with long breaks in sexual relations, or an irregular intimate life, the Capricorn woman withdraws into herself, and constant thoughts about sex lead her to nymphomania. Another negative manifestation is cruelty, and even a tendency to sadism. She easily goes from passionate erotic bites to very tangible and painful.


Unlike women of the same sign, Capricorn men love sex, and perceive every woman as potentially wanting his female. And he just needs to choose who he wants to make happy today. By and large, the sexual act itself is of paramount importance for him, and not the woman with whom he took place. The concept of virtue causes him only a smile - he does not believe in it.

However, not all Capricorn men are like that, there are a sufficient number of representatives of this sign who are enough for one woman, he just needs to be sure that he is really loved, and the rejection of intimacy must certainly be argued, Capricorns do not forgive lies, she can destroy any, even the most sincere and long relationship. As long as he believes you, no beauty will take him away from home - he likes to be near you more.

Sex with a regular partner is able to awaken his best qualities in a Capricorn man. Constancy allows him to plan and arrange life in the best possible way. It’s easier for him to tell his girlfriend what and how he loves than to be her guinea pig. Sex should be as comfortable as possible, this is his sincere conviction, various experiments and liberties are, of course, permissible, but within the limits of a bedroom or, in extreme cases, an apartment.

He knows everything about sex, so he does not need to be prompted, he will figure it out himself, and then each next time will give you more pleasure than the previous one. Just don't forget to show him that sex with him is a real pleasure.

He likes to dance, he likes to tie his partner, he will be very gentle, but especially you should not get carried away, excessive excitement can turn into a real rape. Therefore, the sadistic tendencies that are present in men born under this sign should not be encouraged.


The Capricorn woman lives in constant conflict. On the one hand, these are her various desires, on the other, the possibility of satisfying them. Capricorn woman is temperamental, amorous, sexy. However, external decorum is of no small importance to her, and she tries to strictly follow them. Therefore, often she does not give vent to her passion, while simultaneously forming numerous complexes. For men, she becomes a desirable attractive partner, but as they get closer, they come across the virtue she created. This situation causes bewilderment in men. However, from time to time, the Capricorn woman, thanks to the unrealized erotic energy accumulated in her, crushes all barriers and rushes headlong into a love adventure. At these moments, she is able to impress her partner with a hot temperament and sophisticated sex. In family life, a Capricorn woman is not a reliable partner. Her sexual energy is constantly looking for an outlet. Periodically, she repents, begins to lead a righteous lifestyle. But in most cases, it is not enough for a long time. It is impossible for her husband to avoid receiving the horns of Capricorn. With age, women become reserved and grouchy.


The Capricorn man always knows what he wants. Its purpose, as a rule, is clearly articulated. These men are quite practical and easily find the right path to achieve the goal. Capricorns are popular with women. Despite this, they cannot be called collectors of women's hearts. In most cases, Capricorns have a passion for a woman they respect. They are attentive to the erotic experiences of their partner, this allows them to maintain a love relationship for a long time. Sex with them is always filled with feelings, which attracts women. However, Capricorns do not like to talk about their feelings, they carefully guard their erotic secrets. But with a beloved woman, Capricorns reveal the ardor of their nature. It is almost impossible to hold a Capricorn man and put an engagement ring on him. He highly appreciates his independence and freedom, and creates a family when he himself makes such a decision. Capricorn men are great family men. Over time, their feelings for his wife do not weaken. They make excellent, caring fathers.