Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Cancer

Cancers are understanding and sympathetic lovers, this is what the sexy horoscope says. They only need to say once about what you are used to and what you do not tolerate in your bedroom. They will immediately remember your words and next time they will try to give you maximum pleasure. They value attention, so don't think you can just lay on your back. You must give no less than you receive, because Cancers are very fond of erotic scenes.

If you are happy, then your partner will feel happy too. Cancerians need emotional feedback from a loved one. If you went to work unhappy, then God bless those with whom your partner works. Cancers spread anguish like wildfire. They do not hesitate to tell others that they are not in the mood today. For them, it's completely natural. After all, the erotic horoscope for Cancers does not lie.
There is no openness in them, although they are not secretive, innate modesty, the main reason that it takes a long time to understand people born under this sign. They must be revealed slowly, step by step, word by word.

Their emotional world is rich, but most of it is hidden from outsiders, only close, sincere contact allows you to penetrate into their depths. They are afraid of rudeness and vulgarity, having fixed this in a person, they most likely will not go to a second meeting.

Their sex life is also a mystery, so do not be surprised if for the first time, you will do it practically in the dark or in very low light, a more complete understanding will come only with time, you will have to create it yourself.


Internal doubts, shyness and a good memory, that's what characterizes the representatives of this sign. They don't make the first move, they wait. First, they need to be shown that it is possible, that it is good, and only after that, they will experiment, but very carefully. Step by step. It must be remembered that these women are under the strongest influence of a partner.

If he shows sincere care and attention, a real volcano of passions awaits him, but any of his oversights, harsh words or rude gestures, and a miracle will never happen. True sexuality, very often, manifests itself through maternal instinct.

No rush, no cars and no elevators, just in the house, at rest, sequentially moving from one stage to the next. Plus, a lot of compliments, but again sincere, firstly, a woman of this sign must trust and believe her partner.

Along with this, in the mind of a Cancer woman there is no taboo on any sexual experiments. Wanting to expand the intimate range, she herself will offer to move from the bedroom to the back seat of the car, or to the wild beach, to enjoy the moon and sex at the same time.

Failures with men can forever push a Cancer woman into the arms of a friend, although they are not prone to any kind of sexual inversions. An extreme manifestation of the maternal instinct, in a Cancer woman, is a craving for partners younger than her, up to pedophilia.


Secrecy and a penchant for romance repels him from experienced and free women, he needs to be the first, he needs to be a teacher and guide. He likes to be listened to and encouraged with surprised exclamations, this fully applies to sexual life. A gentle attitude towards a partner, a Cancer man, is no less necessary than the partner herself, let him be like that, and you will never regret it.

In relationships with women, Cancer men are very serious and desire long-term and permanent relationships. It is not surprising that after the first night spent together, he will make you an offer to become his wife and give you a ring.

Men of this sign, the very case when his own satisfaction and the satisfaction of his partner are equally desirable. They start the game, closely monitoring the state of the woman and adjusting their actions, depending on the degree of excitation of the partner, his secret dream is a simultaneous and full-fledged orgasm. Memory allows him to accumulate a huge sexual experience, even in a relationship with one partner.

Cancer men like it when a woman has underwear, especially lace, he rarely starts the game with an already naked partner, he needs to undress her gradually. Crossing the line, striving for homosexual relationships, the Cancer man prefers to be a woman, moreover, this desire can easily lead him to a clinic, to a surgeon, in order to change his gender.


Cancer woman is an unusually erotic nature. She is able to experience inexpressible sensual pleasure and strives for this. However, she perceives her sexuality as a weakness that must be hidden from others. For men, she is cold and impregnable, strong and independent. Sometimes the woman of Cancer hides the passion that captured her under her own rudeness and incontinence. After sex, she prefers to avoid a partner. If their relationship continues, then she is capricious, irritable. In this situation, much depends on the partner. If a man agrees to fulfill all her whims, takes care of her, then such sex will bring amazing pleasure to both of them. It remains to note that men who are ready to sacrifice themselves to the woman they love are not so easy to find.


The life path of these men is accompanied by numerous women, offended and abandoned by them. But Cancer men are not capable of compassion and pity. These are selfish people, overly self-confident. Women who have some experience in dealing with men bypass them. But young girls fall under his influence. But the Cancer man easily ends the relationship as soon as they stop bringing him new sensations. Eroticism cannot be denied to these men, but in sex they only care about their own pleasure. In bed, he can be irritable, rude, cynical. Only women who are disposed to masochism are able to withstand a long relationship with him. A Cancer man sees sexual relationships as a health concern. Family ties are perceived by him as a restriction of his freedom. Creating a happy family with this man is almost impossible, as he tries to suppress his partner. As a rule, his wife is a quiet, modest, downtrodden woman. But exceptions are possible if a woman turns out to be a stronger and tougher nature.