Sexy and Erotic Horoscope Aquarius

My words may sound strange to you, but they are true. Aquarians prefer dark-haired partners. They love those around whom there is an aura of mystery, and blondes seem to them too simple-hearted and ordinary. They do not like it when any thought of a partner can be read on his face. They want your secrets to be revealed to them slowly and gradually. A mask and a semi-darkened room are already too much, but to captivate Aquarius at a masquerade is as easy as shelling pears. Such is the erotic horoscope of Aquarius.

Like all air signs, Aquarians know exactly what their interlocutor wants to hear. They also know what not to say. The only danger in dealing with Aquarians is not going to bed with them too quickly, as in sexy terms. They will try to get close to you on the first date, but they really don't like it when their desires are succumbed too quickly. This is just an exam. So take your time. The problem is that the first date for you can be the culmination of six months of suffering, worries, flirting and flattery. Unfortunately, Aquarius does not notice courtship. This is completely normal and natural for him in the sexy horoscope.
This is the case when the world, people and relations between them are perceived through social laws and science. The basis of the actions of representatives of this sign is experiment and dependence on the laws of society. And although the Aquarius man is called the most free-thinking, remove the laws, even for a day, and he will get drunk with anguish, because he will not know what to protest against. Independence and initiative, this is not his forte, however, to a lesser extent this applies to intimate relationships, in them, Aquarius are fearless experimenters.

Along with this, one must clearly know that neither a man nor women born under this sign will take the first step. They need to be looked after, they need to be charmed, they need to be talked to on lofty topics, and topics of politics. Before letting you into their lives, Aquarius need to make sure that you have more in common with them, rather than different.
They demand respect, both for their own person, and for the opinion they express, and in general, for the people around them, this is a necessary condition so that your relationship with Aquarius can develop further.


Already in the first minute, the Aquarius woman will let you know that she is not a sex toy, and not a one-night stand. Her heart is closed from outsiders to many keys, and the very first of them is respect and recognition of her personality. You will have to make a lot of effort to be admitted to the body. It will take more than one date and more than one intellectual contest before the Aquarius woman decides to take a step. Also, one should not forget that she takes an active part in the life of society, and under certain circumstances, she is quite capable of taking the chair of the head. The reverse side of these, in general, positive qualities is stubbornness.

She needs society, recognition and love of others, among them, she will look for her ideal, and if she is lucky, you will be extremely surprised that this is her ideal. The Aquarius woman loves beautiful things. Among the beautiful things, sometimes she also refers to her body, a little strange, most importantly, do not forget to compliment.

Her excitement, very long, ready to end at any moment, is a process, but if luck is on your side, you will not recognize her. Her curiosity has no limits, she agrees to try everything in sex, plus what came to mind five minutes ago. Yes, indeed, improvements are her forte.

She does not abandon anyone and tries to help as much as possible, turning a positive trait into a negative one. Playing on her kindness and sympathy, many men simply use her. Over time, her desire to please become a pathology, the Aquarius woman will enter into both incestuous and homosexual relationships, just at some point, she begins to perceive her body as a gift for others


The Aquarius man is smart, he has a huge number of friends who appreciate him for his extraordinary approach and analytical mind. But among the friends there are very few women, it should be recognized that in relations with the opposite sex he is timid and passive. In a woman, firstly, he sees the mind and the object of friendship, but not the object of passion, he will have to be taught this. A woman, if she is interested in an Aquarius man, will have to take the initiative into her own hands.

The reason for this state of affairs is the complete unwillingness of the Aquarius man to strain for the sake of any, base interests. He is on his own mind, and it is not so easy to get his hands on him, but if this succeeds, you will get a very subtle, very gentle lover, capable of rekindling passion in an ice sculpture or an absolutely frigid woman.

Most of his life is spent searching for the perfect woman and erotic dreams about her. Sometimes he falls in love, but it doesn’t go beyond a few dates, and consider yourself very lucky if, in the end, he nevertheless decided to propose. For a woman suitable for him, he will be the most faithful, and the best lover, he will not go anywhere, betrayal is not in his character, moreover, he sacredly observes traditions.

He could become very skillful in love, an extraordinary mind speaks in favor of this, but he thinks too long before starting to act and doubts too much. He loves slow and varied caresses, sometimes even too slow, during this time the woman has time to get excited and cool down. It won't hurt anything if you hurry it up.

Ideally, you just need to adjust to his pace, then you will get a very inventive and very persistent lover, with fantasy, with a peculiar approach. It will give you real pleasure, you can be sure.

He will try with great pleasure everything that he has read in books, plus his own fantasies. He rarely repeats himself, therefore he is, in a certain sense, a unique lover. However, the passion for diversity and novelty can easily captivate him towards sadomasochism or make him a participant in various orgies, from which it will not be easy to pull him out.


Aquarius woman is surprisingly attractive, smart, sociable. Her house is always full of friends. This is a wonderful wife. She skillfully manages the household. However, in love games, it does not differ in variety. In her intimate relationships, she transfers her demands for order and regularity. As from a charming and attractive woman, a man expects from her sensuality in bed, some sophistication. However, the partner is expected to be disappointed. He will receive freshly ironed linens, perfect order in the room, but not an explosion of violent temperament. Aquarius A woman prefers to receive joy from a cheerful noisy company, from an interesting interlocutor, but she is unfamiliar with the highest pleasure from violent erotica. Her desire to please a man can cause attacks of jealousy in her husband. But they will be groundless. Aquarius is a wonderful, faithful wife. It is important that her partner has equally minimal erotic claims, for whom not so much sex is important as attention and understanding.


The Aquarius man is an interesting, talented person in many areas. He knows how to make friends, ready to help. However, Aquarius cannot be called a temperamental man. His sexual sphere is completely undeveloped. Possessing minimal erotic claims, he is content with rare intimate relationships. In sex, the Aquarius man does not seek physical satisfaction. He enjoys the very fact of an intimate relationship with an attractive woman. He cannot be intrigued by sexual prowess. Likewise, he remains indifferent to the erotic delights of his partner. Aquarius willingly obeys a woman during intimacy, it is impossible to imagine him in another role. As a wife, these men need to find a woman with the same low level of temperament. She will have to be content with little. He has work in his head, family chores, he is not capable of treason.