Daughters of which zodiac signs do not tell their mother a lot.

Daughters of which zodiac signs do not tell their mother a lot.
28 November 2022 News Articles
Mom is the closest person for everyone. This is especially true for the fair sex.

Girls are always attached to the one who gave birth to them, they talk to her on various topics, share secrets. Some ladies easily open up to their mother, never hide anything from her. Someone can hide something that is not important, essential. Do it in an exceptional case. But there is a special category that needs to be described in more detail.

It includes the daughters of certain signs of the zodiac. They often do not tell their mother many things for their own reasons.

The young ladies of this constellation at any age refuse to live by the rules. Being teenagers, Gemini can still tell mom something, because they know that she will write off a lot on their age, forgive them for egregious things. But over the years, as they themselves realize, they should grow up and give up stupid things, but they just don’t do it. Since the Gemini can always and stupidly make a mistake, they prefer not to tell their mother a lot. So they avoid punishment, problems in the family, which everyone always has enough of.

Representatives of this zodiac constellation may not say a lot to their mother for two reasons. Virgos do not want to sometimes upset and disappoint her, therefore they are silent, do not mention that they are in trouble. They may also be afraid of criticism, condemnation. They are demanding of themselves, so they see flaws everywhere. It turns out that they do not tell their mother almost anything. Virgos are not very comfortable with this, but they are not able to change themselves.

The girls of this sign have some secrecy in their character. And this is taking into account the fact that they are quite emotional. Scorpios will not be honest with their mother because they will not want her advice. The latter seem to them not particularly relevant, outdated. And Scorpios don’t really want to swear with her and prove it, and therefore they are silent about almost everything. Moms should not wait for revelations from the daughters of the above constellations. They are not able to go to them, to become as honest and open as possible.