Which zodiac signs don't particularly like birthdays?

Which zodiac signs don't particularly like birthdays?
2 November 2022 News Articles
Birthday is a personal holiday for everyone. On this day, all relatives and friends, all colleagues and comrades remember about the hero of the occasion.

Hurry, congratulate him, give him something. It would seem that everyone should be completely delighted with this, because in this situation you can feel like a Hollywood star, who is always welcome. Many people love their holiday with all their hearts, openly talk about it. At the same time, someone takes a different position, saying that he is neutral about the fact that his age is changing upwards.

There are also individuals who generally do not particularly like to celebrate their birthday. They are born under several zodiac signs.

The personalities of this constellation have a busy work schedule, which they are passionate about more than anything else. Taurus do not notice anything behind her, they ignore almost all the holidays that are there. It seems to them that there is nothing terrible or strange in this, that celebrations can simply not be loved. In this they are right, but it is surprising that they do not like their personal holiday either. Taurus try to hide on their birthday, not to show themselves in front of anyone, so as not to be distracted from what seems important and serious to them.

It is difficult for representatives of this zodiac constellation to accept compliments and congratulations. Virgos are demanding of themselves, they are the strictest critics of themselves. Since everyone says pleasant and warm words to them on their birthday, they simply do not know where to go. They are ashamed at such moments, because they believe that they do not deserve a warm attitude, praise. From the very morning, Virgos dream that "their" day is over.

Tinsel and something ostentatious people of this sign never want. Sagittarius also have no love for material things, money or gifts. They are not delighted with receiving them, sometimes they are even annoyed that they are presented with something. It’s hard for them to wear a smile on their face all day, so Sagittarius dream that the holiday ends as quickly as possible. People of the mentioned constellations will not celebrate their birthday. They will not want to do it at any age.