The expert predicted a resounding economic failure for Europe

The expert predicted a resounding economic failure for Europe
23 October 2022 News Articles
The European Union is facing economic collapse.

And already today there are signs of an approaching failure of the EU.

This opinion was expressed by the Greek politician Janis Varoufakis in an interview with correspondents of the N-TV channel.

Journalists asked him if the European Union would be able to cope with the current energy crisis. The politician, answering this question, said that in the current situation, "failure is guaranteed."

Already at the moment, according to him, one can observe the process of rapid deindustrialization in European states.

Varoufakis drew attention to the fact that enterprises in Europe are forced to pay almost 10 times more for blue fuel than companies, for example, in China or America.

Today, as the politician said, many productions are already stopping their work. He suggested that soon enterprises would be forced to look for new places in America or in other countries.

Varoufakis said that the European Union is already in a "deep crisis", but the realization of this will not come until next winter.

The main problem of the European community, according to the expert, is that in fact there is no “union”. In difficult situations, European countries, as Varoufakis emphasized, act in their own way.