Why situations in life repeat themselves.

Why situations in life repeat themselves.
22 October 2022 News Articles
Repetitive situations occur in the life of every person. They may occur at different times, in different places, for seemingly different reasons, but their essence is the same. This repetition is no coincidence.

Example. A girl meets a man, the first date is very nice, but on the second he does not appear - and so many times. Another common situation: a close friend gives a person, then a close colleague, then a close friend, etc. Trusted - betrayed. And this happens all the time in life.

One more example. A man crashes his car once a year. The situation repeats itself, but why? After all, he has an impressive experience, is always neat and attentive, but the situation repeats itself again and again.

Many people call these repetitions a “rake”. And everything signals the presence of an internal reason that brings you into the same situation. Without her awareness, it is impossible to get out of the problem. Being inside such mechanisms, it is difficult for a person to get out of them on his own.

There are three options here:
1) You yourself are looking for a way out (but for this you need to come to the conclusion that there is a problem; find it; accordingly, work out) - but how long will it take?

2) Do not focus on and hope that everything will pass by itself. Is it possible? Quite, but you still need to get experience. So life will teach you a lesson in any case. But you will pass it not at 20, but at 30. And thereby set a limit for your own development

3) Work with a specialist.

And, of course, the most important thing is awareness. Recognizing the problem is the first step towards victory.