What zodiac signs hide after a quarrel with someone

What zodiac signs hide after a quarrel with someone
19 October 2022 News Articles
Conflict with someone is not a very pleasant thing. After it, anyone feels crushed, unsettled. For someone, the described state passes quickly, due to which such an individual returns to duty, begins to communicate with the offender. He does not involve those around him at all in what is happening, in relations with those with whom he quarreled. Such a strategy of behavior is good, but it is not close to everyone.

There are people who, after a quarrel with someone, hide. They are born under several signs of the zodiac.

The sensitivity of the personalities of this constellation is very high, but the underlying problem is not even that. Pisces tends to take personally even things that have nothing to do with them. They will cling to every word of the interlocutor, will project his point of view onto the others, think that others are in solidarity with him. Because of such attitudes, they will often become depressed, will engage in self-flagellation. Pisces will easily become depressed, and in this state they are unlikely to want to communicate with someone.

Representatives of this zodiac constellation have a touchiness, but no one can guess about it. After a quarrel, Virgos can pretend that everything is fine, that they do not experience negative emotions, but this will not be so. They will simply hide the negative, leave it to themselves, will not splash it out on anyone. They will prefer to close at home, isolate themselves from society, wait until the anger disappears. So the Virgo will keep their reputation, and good relations with others.

People of this sign can share experiences, can communicate with someone after participating in some kind of conflict. But only archers will do it at best by phone. It will be ideal for them to pour out their souls in correspondence. But they definitely won’t meet with anyone if they are in a bad mood, which is normal after a quarrel. Sagittarius will stay at home until they finally calm down. People of these signs definitely will not make contact after a conflict with someone. And it will be useless to insist on it.