How zodiac signs attract and repel people

How zodiac signs attract and repel people
18 October 2022 News Articles
Every person has positive and negative qualities. Astrologers spoke about the character traits of all the signs of the zodiac.

Attracts: cheerfulness, inspiration and purity of the inner child, spontaneity, innocent mischief, determination, lust for life and deep immersion in communication with friends, willpower, the desire to try things again and again. Repulsive: due to antagonism and constant provocation, unpredictable outbursts of anger, intimidation, due to temper, control, immaturity, treating people as resources.

Attracts: beauty and love, caring and openness, creativity and sensitivity, good intuition, respect, wise guidance, consistency and composure, temptation and cooperation. Repulsive: due to control, lack of clarity in communication, lack of participation in the interests of other people, inflexibility, excessively touchy and sensitive behavior, treating people as if they were a thing.

Attract: wit, charm and humor, intrigue, mystery and an amazing amount of intelligence, the ability to adapt and fascinating conversation, a huge amount of information, spontaneity, curiosity, innocent mischief, an infectious anticipation of the future. Repel: due to chaotic and unpredictable communication, constant disputes and provocations, lack of fulfillment of promises.

Attracts: charisma, magnetism and cordiality, playfulness and creativity, leadership, a sense of justice, those that bring joy to the lives of others, as well as competence, honor, lust for life, the will to protect loved ones at any cost, courage. Repulsive: Due to egocentricity, controlling behavior, craving for attention, lack of involvement, unpredictable outbursts of anger, and over-sensitivity.

Attracts: receptivity and the ability to calm any anxiety, all-encompassing kindness, idealism, his eccentricity and a strange outlook on the world, wise leadership. Repulsive: Due to constant destructive behavior, withdrawal, unpredictable and isolated outbursts of repressed rage, obsessive behavior and trying to solve other people's problems when they are not asked, due to excessive anxiety.

Attracts: with intelligence, sensitivity, selfless dedication and a sensitive conscience, wise leadership, interesting conversations and the ability to care and educate, natural skill and attentiveness. Repulsive: Due to obsessive problem-solving and anxiety, criticism, frequent suspensions, nagging, wanting to fix people when they don't want to.

Attract: natural attractiveness and mystery, respect for others and intrigue, cold-blooded charm and the ability to communicate with people, morality and empathy, sociability and sympathy, the ability to give wise advice and support in any situation. Repulsive: due to modesty and sudden outbursts of anger, obsession with relationships and romantic encounters, addiction.

Attracts: depth and charm, emotionality, reliability and eternal desire to protect, intelligence and mystery, fidelity and vulnerability, the ability to inspire inner confidence. Repulsive: due to control and possession, isolation and detachment, emotional coldness and emotional paralysis, self-righteousness, obstinacy and desire to be a lone wolf.

Attracts: thoughtful gestures and sensuality, respect and honor, natural grace and competence, fidelity, perseverance and silent support, reliability, ability to adapt. Repulsive: due to lack of involvement and consideration for the interests of others, emotional protection and a desire to withdraw, authoritarianism, trying to solve the problems of everyone in the world instead of taking on their own.

Attracts: captivating charm and impatience with compassion, humor, loyalty, amazing intelligence, eccentricity and inspiring imagination.
Repulsive: because of complacency and cruel honesty, the desire to argue and prove the case, the inability to accept their mistakes.

Attracts: playful humor, wisdom and intelligence, natural joy, faith and generosity, laughter, fascination, high ideals, a desire to achieve the best. Repulsive: Brutal and harsh honesty, refusal to apologize, condemnation of opinions and beliefs, complacency, unpredictable nature, unselfishness.

Attract: wisdom and warmth, innocence and hidden power, inspiration, responsiveness and mystery, a healthy attitude to life. Repulsive: Because of a constant desire for self-destruction, emotional projection, overdependence, over-anxiety, a desire to suffer and be a victim.