What to prepare for next year. Astrologer about the important

What to prepare for next year. Astrologer about the important
17 October 2022 News Articles
It's almost, 2023 in the yard. The astrologer told what to expect from him. The astrologer and tarologist Oliver Jones spoke in more detail.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
For your element, 2023 will be a great chance to realize all your ideas and undertakings. The fact is that the stars literally urge you to go on the path to your dreams, to reveal your magical seed of talents and opportunities. This is the perfect time to show the world your talents. Have you long wanted to go to the casting, but were afraid? Go. Great chance to become famous all over the world and get huge popularity. Opportunities are especially revealed in terms of other countries and other areas. Also, a good time to make yourself known to the Internet. Social networks will take you one hundred percent, and you can gain popularity and a huge number of subscribers. This period will be a great take-off and will give grandiose prospects, so use it, it is really very energetic. However, be careful with selfishness, because having risen to heaven, with your head up, you can easily fall.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
You have great chances to move to another country or city, the theme of moving will accompany you all year. Perhaps you will be offered a new position or promoted with a move to a new country. Be sure to take this chance, because it will open new frontiers for you. But it is also worth noting that the move will not be permanent. Most likely, you will return, but you will gain vast experience and knowledge. Therefore, the year will be very productive and serious in terms of career. Huge ups, huge prospects, huge potential for all kinds of contacts and business ties. Blat, he will also abruptly burst into your life. You will find contacts that will help solve serious issues a little easier. Therefore, make new acquaintances, communicate with new people, communicate with them.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Next year will be imbued with the history of creativity. You will sharply feel some talents and opportunities in yourself. Do not suppress them in yourself, and show the world. This is a huge power and opportunity. Also, your unusual view of this world is a parasite of others in the good sense of the word. So do not be afraid of your most unusual and creative ideas, because they will become a ray of light in a promising, and it is very important to note the future of money. Yes, yes, the money aspect also opens doors very powerfully in 2023. Do not be afraid of them, and boldly burst into your life.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
A huge storm of emotions awaits you this year. From hate to love. And here it is very important to maintain soundness of mind and calmness. Don't get overwhelmed, don't worry about things that don't really bother you. Focus on yourself and your inner development. This is very important and serious for you, because next year you will face the head of global changes. They will literally change your life from head to toe, especially in the sphere of personal life and career. At the beginning of the year, set yourself a goal, write down plans and act. You have every chance to achieve goals that were previously unattainable.