Numerological forecast for October 2022

Numerological forecast for October 2022
11 October 2022 News Articles
General tendencies of the month of October: the destruction of the old and the construction of the new. What to expect in October? You can read more in the full article.

LOVE: Strong conflict or breakup of an existing relationship, liberation from painful relationships, abrupt changes in personal life. Great experiences, the collapse of illusions (rose-colored glasses will fall). Time to release pent-up emotions and impulses. A short-term romance is possible, which will be based on passion, not love.

CAREER: A change in the usual order, aggressiveness, intrigues and even fights in the workplace, global changes, dismissal and other problems that complicate life are possible.

FINANCE: Unfortunately, the collapse of plans is possible, abrupt changes that can lead to the destruction of wealth and prosperity, significant financial losses. It can be theft, loans, natural disasters, and much more, which can deprive a significant part of the savings.

SPIRITUAL: Can expect a sudden change of heart or conversion to religion after a bereavement and a complete stalemate. Feelings of humiliation and injustice may arise. Feeling a great loss of life, it will be extremely difficult for someone to cope with the consequences of the loss on their own. For some, this may manifest itself in the form of rebellion against the rules.


1 - 10 OCTOBER
A time of rebirth of hopes, joyful news and pleasant events that can bring you back to life. This period can become one of the brightest and best, provided that you are not afraid to act creatively, unconventionally and at the same time show goodwill, attentiveness, and understanding towards others. The best time for creative realization, as various insights and insights will constantly arise in your head.

11 - 20 OCTOBER
Time of rapid development of events, movement, trips and roads, new business prospects or victories. If there was a situation of conflict, then expect a quick victory and joyful prospects in business. May expect an important business trip that will affect the career. Time to travel and explore new places.

21 - 31 OCTOBER
May pull on committing rash acts that may later lead to regrets. At this time, it is important not to be naive and not follow the foolish advice of others. Also, do not blindly believe other people's promises, otherwise you can drive yourself into a trap, become a victim of cunning and clever people. An excellent period for new things in your life, when there is a need to master something completely new from scratch.