The owners of these male names will definitely change

The owners of these male names will definitely change
26 July 2022 News Articles
The owners of three names are simply not able to build a long-term relationship. Esotericists claim that you need to be very careful when choosing a name for a child.

It has a strong influence on both character and fate. Well, when women get acquainted with the opposite sex, they should pay attention not only to appearance, salary level and other factors, but also to the name of the chosen one. It is believed that the owners of three male names are simply not able to build a long-term relationship. They do not know how and do not want to be faithful to one woman, because they either remain single for life, or marry many times, sorting out partners. Be careful, dear women!

1. Michael
Michael is a confirmed bachelor. He does not accept shackles in the form of a stamp in the passport. The “bearers” of this name do not like to depend on anyone, to live with an eye on their soulmate. If she is not satisfied with a free relationship, Jan will say goodbye to her without regret. He will go looking further, more frivolous, ready for intimacy without obligations.

2. Mason
Men with this name are prone to introspection and complexes. Having met a decent girl, they begin to doubt their own abilities and think that they will not “pull” the relationship. It happens that Mason leaves “in English” without even explaining anything. He considers his act rather noble than cowardly, but women perceive such behavior as frivolity and frivolity. Wanting to assert himself, Mason finds himself a simpler passion, but also throws it. Such a cycle of women in Mason's life, as a rule, leads to the fact that he remains alone.

3. John
The owners of this name love in women not only luxury in appearance, but also an extraordinary mind. Any lady they don't look at, they serve only the best. But it happens that after winning the queen, John leaves the relationship. He gets bored quickly, and when a woman does not give explosive emotions every day, he silently retreats in search of new adventures. If Nikita gets married, then in a year or two he will certainly begin to pay attention to more chic and inaccessible women than his spouse.