Lip itches: what awaits you according to folk signs

Lip itches: what awaits you according to folk signs
26 July 2022 News Articles
If the lips itch, the reasons for this condition can be very different.

But first of all, a variety of folk signs come to mind, allowing you to predict the upcoming events. Our ancestors believed that these signs can not only predict what will happen to you or your loved ones, but also prevent negative events.

A man's lip itches
Itching in the mouth area may indicate that in the near future you will have to "get on the lips", but solely through your own fault. You will be too harsh in words, offend another person, which will entail an unpleasant result. To avoid this, think about what you say, be tactful with others.

It is important to pay attention at what time of the day men's lips itch:
1. In the morning ― you will find a pleasant and delicious treat in the form of a sweet dessert, chocolate, fragrant pie.
2. In the afternoon ― it's time for you to talk to your loved ones. It can be about children, parents, wife, sister, another family member.
3. In the evening ― if you can't be restrained in communication, you will find a showdown. Try not to say too much, not to provoke conflicts and disputes. The ability to keep silent in time will allow you to avoid an unpleasant conversation.

If a young guy, a teenager, has itchy lips, it means that he is waiting for a meeting with old friends. These may be childhood friends, acquaintances with whom the paths diverged and still could not meet. If a man has both lips itching at the same time, it means that soon he will meet a person who will become his close friend. This friendship will last for many years and will bring a lot of pleasant emotions.

Why does a woman's lip itch
If women's lips itch, then you should pay attention to the details. The positive or negative interpretation of omens depends on them:
1. Itchy lips may indicate passionate kisses.
2. Perhaps they will want to treat you to something sweet and delicious, invite you to drink tea with a cake or an exquisite dessert.
3. As in the case of men, severe itching of both lips may indicate that the lady does not follow her statements. She can pay for it by "getting on the lips" both literally and figuratively. If you offend others, you will be put in your place.

Why does only the upper lip of a woman itch
There are several versions of what itches the upper lip of the fair sex:
1. If only the upper lip itches, you will soon have a pleasant romantic date.
2. Close relatives or friends will give you a pleasant and unexpected gift.
3. If a wedding is planned soon, then the honeymoon will be memorable and joyful.

There is also a negative interpretation: an itchy upper lip may indicate the ingratitude of the person you helped. Do not expect good in return.

If the area just above the upper lip itches, it means that you are very jealous of your man for a rival, or you yourself will plunge headlong into a love adventure in the near future.

Why does only the upper lip of a woman itch
There are several versions of what itches the upper lip of the fair sex:
There is also a negative interpretation: an itchy upper lip may indicate the ingratitude of the person you helped. Do not expect good in return.
If the lower lip is itchy: interpretation
Itching of the lower lip may indicate an inevitable conflict with a partner or an erroneous choice of the chosen one. If you have recently been attracted to someone, most likely, such a union will bring you nothing but tears and disappointments. Don't get hung up on light novels.

Interpretation of signs by day of the week
For a business lady, itching of the lower lip may indicate the termination of an earlier agreement. Also, the lower lip itches to quarrels in the family, gossip and rumors at work or with friends. Be careful and don't share secrets with people who might betray you.

The lower lip itches for friendly kisses. They do not carry any love subtext.

If a young girl's lip itches: what do folk signs say
There are several explanations why the girl's lips itch:
1. When both lips itch strongly at the same time, it can be a real sign of fate. Soon you will meet a nice man who will become your fan. It will not be possible to avoid this event (and is it necessary?)
2. Itching in the corners of the mouth indicates news: in the right corner ― pleasant, joyful news, in the left ― bad news that will bring disappointment.
3. If a girl has itchy lips in the center, perhaps you are waiting for sad events in a relationship that can lead to loneliness.
4. Itching in the lower part of the mouth indicates that you will meet with old friends or relatives. One of them will kiss you on the cheek.

Interpretation of signs by day of the week
Folk signs may differ depending on what day of the week your lips itched:
Monday ― expect a pleasant surprise, most likely in the form of a treat.
Tuesday ― you will have a serious conversation with your boss, which can bring a long-awaited promotion if you behave correctly.
Wednesday ― communication with colleagues and friends will be conflicting, unpleasant for both sides (you need to refrain from rude and offensive statements).
Thursday ― you will meet an old friend or girlfriend.
Friday ― an unpleasant conversation with the other half will take place, but a serious disagreement can be avoided.
Saturday ― get the good news about an upcoming trip, vacation or vacation.
Sunday ― get ready for a possible quarrel with your loved ones.

If the lips itch in the newlyweds
There are separate wedding signs. If the bride has very itchy lips the morning after the wedding, then she made the right choice. Her marriage will be strong, her whole life will be like a honeymoon. The negative meaning of the omen, if a young wife itches along with her lip and the tip of her nose, it means that her husband will drink, and she will have to fight his addiction all her life. Simultaneous itching of the lip and chin indicates a short marriage. But itching in the mouth, closer to the cheeks, is a good sign. So, the bride did not lose with the choice of her husband, her life will be full of pleasant moments.