Indian Horoscope Vishakha (Tiger) Nakshatra

Vishakha (Tiger)
Tigers are usually intelligent, they value prosperity and comfort very much, but at the same time they rarely stop there and can achieve very high goals and positions in society in their lives. They can be merciless and even cruel, but, in spite of everything, others forgive them even this.

The Vishakha (Tiger) is a self-sufficient nature, domineering and inclined to bring what has been started to the end, in spite of any obstacles. People of this sign can be outwardly very attractive and beautiful, but at the same time they can be distinguished by a complex character and a very cruel disposition.

These are dangerous rivals, capable of behaving extremely unpredictably and cruelly. In the struggle they go to the end, they can be dangerous enemies and rivals, they will not spare anyone who will interfere with them in achieving their goal. They can change their minds about people, be good patrons of the weak, but it is dangerous to contradict them and try to resist.

They do not appreciate monotony, they can be greedy, greedy and very vicious, but this only adds to their charm. Better than others, they can mobilize at a difficult moment and do what others are not capable of, showing perseverance and perseverance in achieving the goal.

Vishakha Woman (Tiger)
This woman always strives for success and can give odds to any man. Rarely is a faithful companion of life, it can be distinguished by cruelty, especially in a competitive struggle. In some cases, he shows character with children if there is no opportunity to fight in real life.

She does not sit still and strives for success and achievements; for her, material goods and aspirations related to prosperity and earnings come first.

Women born under the sign of the Tiger are interesting companions, it is important for them to feel bright and seductive, so they often choose professions in which they can demonstrate their character and achieve leadership in the struggle for men's hearts. These are very dangerous rivals in love, who can turn out to be cruel and vengeful.

Vishakha Man (Tiger)
A windy and fickle man who most of all appreciates success and strives to show his leadership qualities and character. It is for this reason that he feels best in sports and business, especially in the fight against rivals, as he can easily take over, thanks to the mind, insight and nature of a predator.

They rarely remain faithful in family life, they usually change women like gloves, and only a bright and extraordinary personality, self-sufficient and sharp, can keep such a person close to him. Such a person feels great in the fight, so he can choose professions that allow him to show his strengths and leadership qualities.