Indian Horoscope Uttarashada (Mongoose) Nakshatra

Uttarashada (Mongoose)
A bright and very interesting person who strives for harmony, the manifestation of his best qualities and leadership in communication and in life. He loves his job and wants to realize himself in any situation. Thanks to his own sociability, he can achieve a lot in life.

Uttarashada (Mongoose) is a born leader, a person with great creative, intellectual and spiritual potential. His life can throw him into various situations, often he himself finds trouble on his own head, but he emerges victorious from almost any situation. For such a person, self-realization, sociability and the ability to demonstrate to people their best qualities are important.

The Uttarashada (Mongoose) seeks to lead, manage, can achieve a lot in his life. At the same time, he greatly appreciates what has been achieved and dreams of achieving all the best and most interesting things in his life in order to give everyone a holiday of life. He, like air, needs communication, intensive activity, which contributes to the realization of his inner rich potential.

If life forces him to work at a routine job, to do something other than what he is interested in, he may feel depressed or start to rebel. Dreams of achieving high results in life, and in love, and in work.

Uttarashada Woman (Mongoose)
The influence of this sign is manifested in passion, unbridled nature and the desire for all the best. Such a woman is extremely rarely satisfied with the circumstances and rushes from one extreme to another.

Women of the sign are contradictory and impulsive. They rarely stop there, they can devalue men and use them depending on their desires. They strive for a strong, bright and interesting partner, a born leader. Furthermore, they dream of great love, expect beautiful deeds and bold decisions from others, but it is extremely difficult for them to find a partner according to their requirements.

Uttarashada Man (Mongoose)
This person is dissatisfied with the state of things and seeks to change them at his own discretion and come up with his own rules everywhere. It is even physically difficult for him to obey, it is for this reason that the mongoose becomes a leader and begins to impose his own rules everywhere.

It has a controversial character, can be changeable in activities and communication, often changes women like gloves. For personal comfort, he needs a strong and courageous woman, quite sociable and interesting in every sense of the word. It is difficult to captivate him with beauty alone, so he is attracted to women with character, demanding and ambitious, with whom you can move mountains.