Indian Horoscope Uttara Phalguni (Bull) Nakshatra

Uttara Phalguni (Bull)
These personalities are constant, strive for ideal relationships, can be very generous and caring, especially for those who are in trouble. The only thing that prevents them from moving forward is promiscuity in people and the lack of an accurate path in life.

Those born under this sign are physically strong, rarely get sick, they tend to be overweight and overweight. In affections, they are constant, patient, they can endure a lot from their partner, but they are characterized by rigidity, and it is difficult for them to make decisions on their own.

Such people rarely strive for a career, prefer working professions or activities that give a guaranteed piece of bread, do not seek to command people, always make concessions and are distinguished by benevolence and warmth.

The only thing they should not do is to trust everyone in a row, as many use their location. This leads not only to collapse in friendships, but also in love. Such people are subject to the influence of others, they can follow the leader, who can lead them both in a good and in a bad direction. Due to the lack of an exact path in life, unpleasant situations and bad companies can fall into. They need to learn firmness, purposefulness and the ability to defend their interests.

Uttara Phalguni Woman (Bull)
They are constant, faithful and happy to help loved ones. They rarely marry for selfish purposes, they need a man who gives a sense of self-confidence and constancy. They rarely come into conflict, in some situations they are too trusting and fall under bad influence, they may not control their own actions and live a disorganized life, relying on a stronger personality.

Furthermore, they are not leaders by nature, they are not interested in career heights and big money, but for the sake of earning money and supporting their families, they can move mountains. Often they believe deceivers, they do not marry those men who are able to give them real happiness.

Uttara Phalguni Man (Bull)
This person strives for family relationships, love and constancy. Sometimes he is ready to give up leadership in the family to a woman, he can be very jealous and distrustful, and be aggressive if it seems to him that the woman he loves is cheating. He rarely cheats himself, although he is easy to seduce and captivate, not with what he needs.

Such a man avoids open conflicts, does not strive for high goals and can behave completely lazily, spinelessly. He needs a strong and strong-willed woman who can take responsibility for him and use him for her own purposes, since such a man is not a leader by nature, but a wonderful father who can give a lot to his children.