Indian Horoscope Uttara Bhadra (Cow) Nakshatra

Uttara Bhadra (Cow)
Sociable and interesting people who like to dream and strive for constancy and loyal people around them. They are very dreamy, but at the same time quite practical, striving for peace and love.

Cows can be wise, reasonable, persistent and a little dreamy. These people are characterized by spiritual maturity, love and the desire for kindness and tenderness. Usually they value the family, strive for procreation, are ready to open their hearts to everyone, but at the same time strive for constancy in love relationships, tenderness and love.

They cannot imagine their life without love, devotion, but for them this is not a bright game, not a firework of feelings, but a complex spiritual harmony. Usually such people strive for love and tenderness, they put their career on the back burner and do not strive for leadership in the family.

They know how to give in, do not strive for career heights and achievements, preferring to be content with home comfort and warmth. Their peace of mind depends on a smart and understanding loved one. But if the family did not work out from the very beginning, the Cows feel very bad and may not find a worthy life partner. In this situation, they behave coldly and arrogantly, not letting anyone close to them.

Uttara Bhadra Woman (Cow)
Women - Cows are dreamy, often idealizing love and family life. They are constant, rarely strive for career heights, but at the same time they are very sociable, interesting and can be excellent salespeople.

Rarely angry with others, but can be stubborn and harsh towards their loved ones. If the family has developed unsuccessfully, they become cold and distant, stop being frank, but do not stop dreaming. They need material and moral support of a loved one, reciprocal love, in which their natural data and abilities are revealed. Usually these are wonderful mothers and wives who can overprotect their growing children.

Uttara Bhadra Man (Cow)
Representatives of this sign are characterized by kindness, tenderness, they really appreciate family relationships and strive for love and tenderness, pleasant emotions and joy in their lives.

They are generous, can provide excellently for children, never raise a hand against their women, but if they are neglected, they become rude, cruel and inaccessible. In this situation, many close in on themselves.

Unimportant seducers, but constant and reliable men who, at the first opportunity, will pull into the family everything that depends on them. They will do a lot for their loved ones and are ready to move mountains for the sake of family well-being and happiness.