Indian Horoscope Swati (Buffalo) Nakshatra

Swati (Buffalo)
This person strives for leadership, but the material side of life is of secondary importance to him. He wants to leave his mark on history and perfects his talent, dreaming of fame and career achievements, depending on his abilities.

Despite the desire for material goods and excessive demands on others, the Swati (Buffalo) does not strive only for material goals. For him, the main thing is neither a fight nor a victory at any cost or a demonstration of his leadership - he wants spiritual perfection, therefore he finds himself in a bright activity where you can become famous or feel like a special person, although such people also succeed in material terms.

Usually the Swati (Buffalo) is sociable, good-natured, in some situations can show stubbornness and detachment, it is easy to deceive him in his personal life, as he strives for perfection, including his personal qualities. This is often used by unscrupulous partners, leaving it with nothing.

People of this sign achieve success through perseverance and intellectual work, although physical perfection is also important for many of them. Such a person is courageous, purposeful and hardy. It can hatch plans for a long time, and then surprise everyone with an unexpected discovery.

Swati Woman (Buffalo)
A sensual and sexy woman who strives for a permanent relationship, devotion and fidelity. However, not all men are able to appreciate these qualities, so her desire for constancy and family is often used.

She is not well versed in people, is very gullible and can make mistakes more than once in choosing men. However, it will be a real gift for someone who also appreciates permanent relationships and strives to create a strong and friendly family.

A woman of this sign is faithful and constant, but may be too demanding of children. However, thanks to the discipline, perseverance and perseverance of the parent, they can realize their abilities and achieve a lot in life.

Swati Man (Buffalo)
The man of this sign is practical, sets earthly and real goals and stands firmly on his feet. He can dream of love, is very picky about women, and it is difficult for him to choose a life partner. He does not always show sincerity and warmth, he strives too much for constancy, but in some cases he can get a turn from the gate, as women can take advantage of his material opportunities and play on the desire to start a family.

But men under the sign of a buffalo can achieve a lot in life, especially in work related to papers and science. Sometimes he achieves heights in power or law enforcement agencies, he can make a good career in public service.