Indian Horoscope Shravana (Monkey) Nakshatra

Shravana (Monkey)
People born under this sign are very sensitive, sentimental and charming. They are very smart, but do not like isolation, they are almost impossible to deceive. These are excellent interlocutors and very bright personalities.

People born at this time are very pretty, charming and insightful. They are endowed with a subtle, lively mind and can instantly recognize insincerity and falsehood, they are difficult to deceive.

They love people, communication with them and society, often choosing professions related to music, singing and contacts with people. Likewise, they do not like loneliness, value themselves and can communicate well and find a common language with different people.

Some representatives are talented in acting and are looking for jobs related to public speaking. They are endowed with talents in various fields and rarely become isolated in the material world. They need freedom, interesting acquaintances, because without them, they become lethargic and start to get bored.

Good friends who do not leave loved ones in difficult times, although outwardly they may seem completely frivolous. They can start novels, but they dream of finding their soul mate and being happy. They are not immediately determined in a love relationship, but they rarely miss a happy opportunity.

Shravana Woman (Monkey)
Women of this sign are open and mobile. Outwardly, they may seem frank and naive, but most often this is just a mask that they actively use in communication.

They love themselves, strive for society, so they have many guests in their house, especially on holidays. They hardly endure loneliness, they know how to play and create a festive atmosphere in almost any environment.

Likewise, they are very sociable, contact, sociable and smart, it is very difficult to lead and deceive them. For happiness in family life, they need freedom and a large personal space. Only in this situation can they feel happy.

Shravana Man (Monkey)
A man of this sign can hide his feelings under the guise of cheerfulness and sociability. It seems that such a person is frank and open, but in fact this is not so - he just has such a manner of communication.

Strives for love, is easily disappointed in people, and can be distinguished by isolation and distrust. He does not trust women, although he does not show it. He builds his happiness with a girlfriend who is able to understand his soul and unravel what is hidden under the mask of fun and sociability.

Usually this man strives for fidelity and love, knows how to make a good impression, but it is very difficult for him to choose a woman with whom he will be happy. Often does not notice what is happening around, can recognize other people's feelings, and is easily disappointed in people.