Indian Horoscope Shatabhisha (Horse) Nakshatra

Shatabhisha (Horse)
Stars give such people isolation, patience and diligence. Outwardly, they may seem insecure, and a little squeezed, but at the same time they perfectly achieve their goal and can turn out to be tough competitors, sweeping away everything in their path.

Horses are patient, calm and quite balanced, they are very difficult to piss off, but in some situations they can behave unusually. It is about them that they say that there are devils in the still waters. Outwardly, it seems that they submit to circumstances, endure their burden and life's difficulties, but internally they can feel protest and behave rather coldly and abruptly break out of adverse circumstances.

Horses can be calm and patient for a long time in family life, but only up to a certain point - if something is wrong, they will become tough and quick-tempered and can abruptly end the relationship even without a good reason. It is for this reason that one should not attribute to them unusual qualities that they actually do not have. After all, horses are unpredictable natures, sometimes they themselves do not know what they are capable of. Therefore, their calmness and submission to the circumstances of life can be deceptive.

Shatabhisha Woman (Horse)
Women of this sign can be hardworking and very patient, or quick-tempered and demanding of others. Usually they find their own calling early or create a family, but at the same time, relationships must constantly develop, change, otherwise the horse may get bored and start looking at the sides.

This personality is characterized by moodiness, inconstancy and a certain touchiness, which can lead to scandals in the family. A woman of this sign is rarely constant and devoted, but this does not mean that she will cheat on a man. She needs to learn to curb her temper and learn inner peace.

Shatabhisha Man (Horse)
Men of this sign are skittish, love female attention, and are capable of treason. They are patient, but in family life they can turn out to be real tyrants and very demanding people. It is for this reason that it can be very difficult to get along with them, and they should learn not to hide negative emotions and immediately show discontent.

These people can accumulate resentment, feel discontent, which gradually leads to the fact that they abruptly break off relations with others. It is for this reason that they should learn to immediately solve problems and openly express their own protest. Usually these are very talented people with great potential that needs to be realized.