Indian Horoscope Rohini (Serpent) Nakshatra

Rohini (Serpent)
Rohini (Serpent) is characterized by the desire for everything sublime and expensive, aristocratic. Such people have creative abilities, but desk work is not suitable for them, as they constantly need changes.

People of this sign are sophisticated, can be creative and want to stand out from the crowd. They can behave coldly and moderately detached, but at the same time it is important for them to feel chosen, special.

They are suitable for work related to roads, transport, constant travel, although they are excellent in creativity. Their natural psychological flexibility contributes to the fact that they achieve a lot in life and can find themselves in completely different areas of activity and work.

Rohini (Serpent) can also be seductive conquerors of other people's hearts, often making their successful career through acquaintance or love. However, they rarely commit meanness, can fall in love and often change direction in their lives. They need to feel freedom and acceptance, without which it will be very difficult for them to realize themselves in life.

Rohini Woman (Serpent)
She strives to get into high society, to surround herself with chosen people and beautiful things, luxury and beauty. If there are pronounced creative or artistic abilities, women of this sign strive to realize them in their activities and find ways to the heights, higher power.

These women can do a lot of madness for the sake of love, choosing men who are unworthy of attention, often this leads to career ups, but the destruction of the family. And they are also rarely frivolous, but they are very easy to offend and seduce with beautiful words and promises. Especially if a man can do a lot for the sake of her career and the realization of her abilities.

Rohini Man (Serpent)
Representatives of this sign can be very caring and devoted husbands, as well as passionate lovers, but only if they really meet their ideal. In order to find their destiny, they are ready for anything, they can spend their whole lives searching for the ideal. The inconsistency of the object of attachment with representations can lead to betrayals and various complexities like triangles.