Indian Horoscope Revati (Elephant) Nakshatra

Revati (Elephant)
A sign that is distinguished by constancy and desire for material wealth and earthly affairs. Usually they are generous, but can be very frugal and sociable, sometimes even greedy, but not towards those they love.

People of this sign are decent, generous, but they have limited creative impulses. They strive for the accumulation of earthly goods, material achievements and reciprocal love. They are good family men, get along well with completely different people, but at the same time they are very jealous if they feel a threat to their well-being.

Likewise, they have a strong sense of ownership, but at the same time they are very peaceful people, not scandalous. Fine people for family life, modest existence. They are not demanding of others, strive for a warm cozy nest and can do a lot to ensure that the family lives well and does not need anything.

However, they cannot quickly forgive insults, they often break off relations the first time, and they can be very jealous and do not dare to break off relations, even if it is clear from everything that it is worth ending everything. In addition, these people are loyal to their friends, benevolent, but no one should make them angry.

Revati Woman (Elephant)
Women of this sign are patient, devoted to the family, often love one person throughout their lives. They are very devoted, faithful, they can choose their soul mate for a long time, but at the same time they love guests and are often surrounded by friends.

They are constant in relationships, rarely windy, but it is very difficult for them to make a choice and end relationships on their own initiative. The family of such women depends on who exactly their partner is. Depending on his attitude to the family, what they do largely depends.

An active search for a soul mate rarely leads to success - it is difficult for women to show character for Elephant women, they show devotion to a partner too early.

Revati Man (Elephant)
Men of this combination are sociable, contacts may seem a little closed. They value constancy and take betrayal hard, do not strive for career heights and bright victories on the love front, but at the same time they are friendly and pleasant as interlocutors.

They do not forgive betrayal and deceit, they can behave harshly if a person abuses their trust, but in some cases they change their attitude towards loved ones, become cold and distant. Likewise, they strive to find a faithful life partner who will provide peace and constancy.