Indian Horoscope Pushya (Ram) Nakshatra

Pushya (Ram)
Representatives of the sign are characterized by practicality, a sense of duty and earthiness. Often such people choose a job associated with physical activity, they prefer to stand firmly on the ground and do not change anything in their lives.

People of this sign are characterized by diligence, activity and purposefulness. At the same time, their only goal is often to provide a decent life for their children and to seek active income and activities. Although some of them can perfectly succeed in business and do what is interesting and pleasant for them.

Some sheep are very temperamental, sensual, but rarely begin to realize themselves in acting - they have enough of an established life in the family and constancy in the house. They are ready to do what they are completely uninteresting in order to provide for their family and love relationships, they are able to make their soulmate happy and self-sufficient.

They value constancy and family, rarely behave capriciously and change life partners. But in some cases, they get an intolerable character, which leads to the collapse of family life. Usually they have conflicts with older children who have entered into a teenage image.

Pushya Woman (Ram)
This woman can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut. She will work hard at several jobs and at the same time pull an unlucky husband and children.

Despite the desire for constancy, women of this sign can lose men due to exactness, obsession and constancy. They can be obsessive, very jealous and quick-tempered, they are annoyed by disorder, lack of subordination, although they show leadership not at work, but in family life. They often marry weak men who behave like children, so it is very difficult for them to build relationships with strong men.

Pushya Man (Ram)
In men of the sign, physical strength prevails over intellectual strength. Such a man can move mountains, do a lot to ensure that the family is in order, feed his wife and children, and do everything possible for well-being. At the same time, this man has a highly developed sense of ownership, they are jealous and quick-tempered, they can raise a hand against their wife and children, and often abuse their physical abilities.

These men need to restrain their emotions and develop intellectually. Best of all, it helps to do psychology and acting skills. And psychological flexibility will balance their physical strength with intellectual abilities.