Indian Horoscope Purva Phalguni (Rat) Nakshatra

Purva Phalguni (Rat)
Such people are very thrifty, resourceful and cunning. They are rarely leaders and show their temper to others, preferring to bypass obstacles and dangerous places. But they achieve a lot in life, seeing opportunities where others do not see them.

Representatives of this sign are interesting, they can give the impression of active and a little fussy people. They are quirky and thrifty, rarely aggressive and enter into direct confrontation, demonstrating their power. They prefer to act quietly, imperceptibly and cunningly, they can be stubborn and rather cunning, but they can do a lot for themselves and their own family. Furthermore, they often achieve recognition, fame and respect in society, are pleasant in communication, but they are smart and can be very cunning and hide their true thoughts, intentions and feelings.

They have a well-developed sense of danger, they can command people, behave cunningly and dodgy so that no one will even think what goal they are pursuing. But on the other hand, these qualities contribute to the fact that Purva Phalguni (Rat) are the first to occupy important places, preventing others from approaching them. At the same time, they are distinguished by insight, sociability and easily make friends with completely different people.

Purva Phalguni Woman (Rat)
The woman of this sign is very economic, homely, hardworking. For her, the criterion
success in life is the number of rooms in the house and expensive things in each room. For this, she is ready not to feel sorry for herself.

On a personal level, children are the most important thing for a Rat woman. For their sake, she is ready for both efforts and sacrifices. In general, they prefer to live in abundance and comfort. If such a woman meets a man who will give them everything they need, then she will be faithful and grateful to him. And make him the happiest.

Purva Phalguni Man (Rat)
This is a sensual and voluptuous nature who has an early interest in women and can do stupid things as early as adolescence. With age, such a man becomes more careful, wiser and more cunning, but at the same time he is characterized by frivolity, and he can make connections on the side.

Such people rarely achieve commanding heights, but they succeed very well, especially in trade or work related to communication and travel. It is difficult for men of this sign to follow complex and precise instructions, but they can bring wealth and happiness into the house, earning money almost from thin air.

The men of this sign are very practical, down to earth, they are not romantic, although from time to time they start an affair.