Indian Horoscope Purva Bhadra (Leo) Nakshatra

Purva Bhadra (Leo)
Passionate nature, in which leadership qualities and aspirations for a bright and interesting life are manifested. They cannot be constant, they constantly need to show leadership qualities and nobility in order to achieve their goals.

People of this sign are royalty, with natural leadership qualities and aspirations. Usually they are dissatisfied with their lives, they like to teach and act tough, they can be both passionate and ardent, and cold and cruel.

They love to rule over people, do not strive for love and tenderness, they like to command and command others. They do not strive for constancy, they are often talented and strive for leadership and self-realization.

Excellent mentors, patrons, but it is difficult for them to simply physically obey others. Without realizing their karmic task and the potential of the individual, they become rebels, brawlers, sowing troubles and quarrels around. They cannot be peaceful if the situation around them gets out of their control, they easily eliminate rivals and can turn out to be cruel and merciless even with their friends. They need to learn how to use their leadership qualities for peaceful purposes.

Purva Bhadra Woman (Leo)
These women are powerful, jealous and passionate. They are distinguished by good health, rarely get sick, like to show themselves from the best side and early discover in themselves the gift of power over others.

The life path of lionesses largely depends on the situation and whether they can peacefully realize their leadership qualities or not. If this is not possible, and they are severely suppressed, they begin to rebel and express their own dissatisfaction with their environment. It is for this reason that they should set themselves up for command positions, expand their own horizons and leadership qualities. Otherwise, it will be scandalous and eternally dissatisfied women, in whose misfortunes everyone around is to blame.

Purva Bhadra Man (Leo)
Men of this sign are real leaders. God himself commanded them to rule and show their leadership qualities, to realize their abilities. Therefore, many of them aim at a career and work in government, which provides not only material advantages, but also moral superiority to such individuals.

If they cannot realize their abilities, then this will lead to major troubles and scandals. They need society and communication like air. Otherwise, they can become brawlers and rebels who will sow evil and quarrels everywhere. In love, they are ready to do a lot for their beloved woman, but at the same time they are very jealous and tend to limit her freedom.