Indian Horoscope Punarvasu (Cat) Nakshatra

Punarvasu (Cat)
Such people are affectionate, soft, they are characterized by self-doubt and the desire for care and love, although outwardly they do not show this. They need a family and a team so that they feel confident, as they find it difficult to endure loneliness.

Punarvasu (Cat) are smart, intelligent and firm in their intentions and desires. They are excellent interlocutors, sensitive, but do not like to be commanded and can be very conflicting in teams.

Usually such people are friendly, strive for love, tenderness, they can show their claws and behave aggressively if they feel danger from a person or pressure from the team.

It is difficult for them to endure loneliness and restrictions in communication, they strive for a family, but choose partners for a long time. But their magical charm can be envied, as they can charm completely different people. It is for this reason that cats are often lucky in their careers and in their personal lives, if only they can see their chance and take advantage of their own opportunities.

Usually they do not strive for a career, choosing happiness in family life. It is for this reason that cats should show character and try to realize their abilities.

Punarvasu Woman (Cat)
For a woman, this is one of the best signs. Usually women - cats are friendly, gentle, affectionate and very pleasant. They feel insecure without a man, but do not show it, preferring to choose their only man in the crowd of fans who can make them happy. They often doubt the correctness of their choice, they can be offended and make mistakes, but they love themselves and want to achieve a lot in their lives.

Furthermore, they can marry for convenience, but often this leads to disappointment. Likewise, they can change men like gloves, then if they fall in love, then seriously and for a long time. Likewise, they need a partner who will completely trust them and who can be relied upon, not jealous or scandalous.

Punarvasu Man (Cat)
Such men strive for affection and love, dream of tenderness, but they can worry for a long time if something went wrong in a relationship. Love affection is considered a weakness and is not shown to others, but they can suffer alone for a long time if the attitude of the woman they love does not suit them.

Men of this sign are independent, they love career, money, but they are not the most important thing in life for them. They are very picky and can choose a life partner for a very long time, being afraid to immediately show her their feelings. At the same time, they can romanticize relationships, strive for affection and affection, but not show their true location and look at the woman they like for a long time.