Indian Horoscope Mula (Dog) Nakshatra

Mula (Dog)
Such people are unusually smart, endowed with high intellectual potential and able to survive in the most difficult situations and conditions. They may seem very harsh and tough from the outside, but they also have kindness, just such a warehouse of character allows them to adapt and survive in the most difficult conditions.

People of this sign are not able to bend and adapt to those around them. Rather, they will demand that others do what they need. Thanks to their determination and strength of character, they are able to achieve a lot in life and survive where others cannot do it.

Mula (Dog) are usually principled, faithful, but they can also leave a loved one without explaining the reasons. They can change direction in life, strive for the better, but do not differ in love for tenderness, calm existence and comfort. Spiritually gifted, excellent interlocutors, at the same time they are practical and know the value of words and deeds.

They can behave harshly and even cruelly towards others, but at the same time they do it not from evil. They simply do not like the manifestation of sentimentality, for this reason they prefer to help with deeds rather than words.

Mula Woman (Dog)
Usually they are changeable, love themselves and their own reflection in the mirror, they like to turn men's heads, remaining cold and inaccessible. They don’t always understand what they want, they easily change partners, strive for love, but at the same time, if they don’t see a reciprocal feeling from a man, they can flirt with him, use him, and then leave.

At the same time, they can often change partners, reconsider options for a long time, without stopping at anyone in their lives. Powerful, can be cruel and cold. They need a man who will not restrict freedom and will not find fault with trifles.

Mula Man (Dog)
A man of this sign is usually self-confident, firm, distinguished by love of freedom and a desire for a vibrant life filled with impressions and communication. It can have a tough character, be quite demanding of everyone around,w and abuse alcohol.

He needs a patient and oldish woman with whom he will feel love and warmth. It must be true, but at the same time, in some situations, also show character. It will be very difficult for such a man to get along with a soft and kind woman, he needs to constantly feel the intensity of passions and changeability in family life.