Indian Horoscope Mrigashira (Snake) Nakshatra

Mrigashira (Snake)
People of this sign are smart, insightful and endowed with intuition, they can be dangerous enemies and rivals, but they are rarely the first to show aggressiveness. They are very resourceful and know how to accept life as it is.

Such people seem cold, reasonable and calm. They are endowed with a very great intelligence and hidden strength, which allows them to feel comfortable in any environment.

Mrigashira (Snake) are very perceptive, often give advice and can be wise mentors, but it is very dangerous to compete with such a person. Such people know what they want and how to achieve it, they do not build castles in the sand, but at the same time they often strive for power and strive to reach certain heights in their activities and work.

They choose a profession that requires communication or is associated with the manifestation of their talents and abilities. If they choose working professions, they make a career very quickly and can achieve a lot by working in the same place.

They often weave intrigues, eliminating those who interfere, they can be vengeful and rather cruel. It is better not to argue with them and try to be gentle and gentle, but at the same time show character if they start to put pressure on you or take advantage of you.

Mrigashira Woman (Snake)
She seems cold and distant, but at the same time, she feels hidden strength and power. Such a woman feels like a queen and prefers men to run after her, and from them, she will choose the best for herself. Quite often, she destroys families and unions, unwittingly, she can make a career and use male weaknesses as she sees fit.

In life, he often achieves wealth and power, often due to a successful marriage. He can change men several times, loves children, but will not change his way of life because of them, he can give them a lot and create conditions for the realization of their talents and abilities.

Mrigashira Man (Snake)
Such a man can be picky and reasonable in his choice. His woman should be the best, but at the same time he chooses his life partner for quite a long time, since his feelings are changeable and fickle.

The man of this sign is a real heartthrob, able to use many women for his own purposes, but at the same time he will choose for himself only the one that surpasses him in all respects. It can be constant only if internally the woman is stronger than him and does not hesitate to manipulate him. At the same time, she is successful and self-sufficient and may well use it for her own purposes.