Indian Horoscope Magha (Rats) Nakshatra

Magha (Rats)
These people value material comfort and prosperity most of all, they are very friendly, but they are looking for benefits in everything and for this reason they can become unfaithful friends or spouses. They strive for a luxurious life, they are looking for any ways to earn money and work, they believe that the whole world owes them something.

Personalities of this sign strive for material achievements and are capable of much for the sake of a beautiful life. They quickly grasp the essence of things, they can see money where others do not see it. They choose an activity in which it is easier and faster to earn money, they can be dexterous, dodgy and get out of any position. At the same time, they are quite cunning, talented in various areas of life, but they choose completely easy ways to achieve their own goals and desires.

Materialists are not inclined to hover in the clouds, if they make a career in something, then only for the sake of earning money and new material opportunities. However, if something does not work out, they do not panic and are able to completely change their lifestyle for the sake of achievements and comfort, material wealth and a luxurious life.

Magha Woman (Rats)
The woman of the sign is characterized by an expressed love for a beautiful life, material wealth and luxury. She strives to succeed in any field of activity, make great money, and act in such a way as to succeed and not overwork.

Sociable, charming and practical in any activity, she may seem insensitive and cold, but at the same time capable of anything for the sake of her place in the sun. A dangerous competitor, capable of doing harm and going to any meanness, and organize circumstances in such a way that few people are able to think something bad about her. However, for the sake of children and her own family, she is able to sacrifice a lot and go to crazy things for them.

Magha Man (Rats)
These men are self-confident, sophisticated, inventive. They need a beautiful and bright woman who needs to be won back from many fans and every day to prove to her that they are right and have the right to her. They will be bored with a faithful and constant life partner who is there only because she wants a constant and reliable life partner.

Usually such men succeed in their careers, it is difficult to understand what is on their minds, they are sociable, popular with women and can have children on the side. They will be faithful only if they feel that the woman they love is not attached to them, and they can easily lose her.