Indian Horoscope Krittika (Sheep) Nakshatra

Krittika (Sheep)
People with deep inner potential, capable of much in their lives. Thanks to natural abilities, they can achieve a lot in their lives, become great if they direct their energy in the right direction.

They have excellent mental abilities and enough strength and energy to achieve their goal. At the same time, Krittika (Sheep) can be leaders and work in a team, organizing other people. As a rule, these people are very sociable, pleasant, they can not show their ambitions, but act as they see fit, and it is for this reason that they have very few envious people and enemies.

Usually people of this sign show independence and without much effort become the best in their place. They are charming, but firm, practical and perfectly combine sociability with groundless, the pursuit of high ideals and material values.

Such a harmonious combination allows Krittika (Sheep) to achieve heights in any business, if they choose their goal correctly and follow the right direction towards their dreams. Krittika (Sheep) are excellent teachers, soft leaders and mentors, able to take responsibility in solving many issues.

Krittika Woman (Sheep)
She can be soft and gentle, but does not like to take the initiative in a relationship with a man, preferring to be conquered and achieved. It is for this reason that this woman is attractive to men and often marries quite successfully.

If she prefers to show her career ambitions outside the home, then in the family the Krittika (Sheep) gives the reins to the man and believes that he should manage her. However, in some situations, she prefers to take the lead. She needs to enjoy the attention of men, although by nature she is faithful to her man and will not exchange him for anyone else, unless he himself deceives her and betrays her.

Krittika Man (Sheep)
These men are not emotional enough, restrained and able not only to manage themselves, but also others. If they manage to become leaders, then they are considered the best leaders and are very fond of.

Men of this sign are responsible, smart, often gifted with different abilities, but they do not like fighting and prefer soft methods of management. They are not jealous, not capable of scandals, they can show character only if they are very offended. They are devoted, often without much difficulty they can win women's sympathy, but at the same time not take advantage of favorable opportunities.