Indian Horoscope Jyestha (Deer) Nakshatra

Jyestha (Deer)
Those born under his patronage are smart, talented and ambitious. Material wealth and acquisitions are in second place for them, but they are very sociable, charming, although at some points they can be rude.

For those born under the sign of the Jyestha (Deer), communication, comfort and spiritual compatibility with a loved one is important. Such people are smart, insightful, witty, but at the same time they can behave rudely and even cruelly with their close relatives and friends. At the same time, they themselves do not notice that they have offended another person, they do not attach much importance to words, since they pay more attention to the actions of a communication partner.

Thanks to their sociability, they can achieve a lot in their lives, but they can both quickly build relationships with the right people, and break them off without reason.

Friendship and tenderness for them are not the main qualities in communication, although in family life they are faithful and demanding partners. Thanks to the natural mind and abilities, they achieve a lot in life, but at the same time they strive for spiritual benefits and expanding their own horizons. They love educational programs, films about travel, or willingly travel themselves.

Jyestha Woman (Deer)
For a woman, this sign is very controversial. On the one hand, they are benevolent and devoted to their partners, on the other hand, they can behave cruelly and ugly towards those they love.

They can be distinguished by tyranny and cruelty, abuse power, but more often they are sociable and can easily ask for forgiveness if they are pointed out to their mistakes and mistakes.

They are very smart, achieve a lot in their lives and strive for the very best. But material goods for them are in second place - they enjoy their work and the very process of activity. They need a sociable and easy-going man who does not take their mood swings and whims of character seriously.

Jyestha Man (Deer)
This man consists of contradictions and variability in character. However, despite these qualities, he is able to achieve a lot in his life. This person is ambitious, can achieve brilliant results in activities, but at the same time he cannot always take advantage of the fruits of his deeds.

He is contradictory, can both give expensive gifts and show miracles of generosity, and suddenly become cold and hard. It is for this reason that it is very difficult to build family relationships with him. In addition, men of this type are jealous and selfish, they can turn away from a loved one at an unexpected moment or show kindness when they are not expected from him at all.