Indian Horoscope Nakshatra

The Indian horoscope Nakshatra is built on the influence of 27 stars, which correspond to the nature of animals, their habits and demeanor. Particular attention is paid to the sexual sphere of life and love, in fact, the Indian horoscope reveals the natural, animal power in every person, not ennobled by education. People have believed in astrology and the signs of the zodiac for centuries. The Indian horoscope is the oldest on the planet and free. Its history begins in the first centuries of our era. Jyotish determines the personal qualities of a person and helps to correct his fate.

The fate of a person born in a certain lunar position is influenced by his totem animal. The talisman is associated with karma and is an intermediary in the transition of the spirit. Jyotish tells in detail about the character traits of a person, his purpose, relationships, compatibility with the opposite sex. It focuses on the intimate side of life, which is why it is called love. Indian astrology, like Ayurvedic medicine, has undergone some changes over time under the influence of the West. However, it has not lost its accuracy and popularity.
The Indian horoscope is considered one of the most ancient and is based on 27 fixed stars, which correspond to the animal in the horoscope, its female or male has nothing to do with a particular person and his gender.

It is this horoscope that reveals a person as he is, and it is easy to calculate it according to the date of birth.