Indian Horoscope Dhanishta (Lioness) Nakshatra

Dhanishta (Lioness)
People of this combination are generous, strong in spirit and benevolent, but they have inner strength. They can be both wonderful friends and dangerous enemies, depending on the relationship with them.

People who are born under the auspices of a Dhanishta (Lioness) are generous, regal and powerful, but at the same time they maintain a good attitude towards people and can be real, faithful and devoted friends, gentle and responsible.

They are altruists, they can support in a difficult situation and do not regret anything for their loved ones. They have enough love and patience to care for the sick, and the medical profession becomes a vocation for them. However, in some situations, they can be very arrogant and cruel if they step on a sore spot. They hardly forgive betrayal, and it is very difficult for them to forgive a person who intentionally did harm to them.

They can be dangerous enemies, but most often people intuitively do not want to spoil relations with them, since lionesses are wonderful friends who are ready to sacrifice a lot for the happiness of loved ones, love and attention. It is for this reason that they get a generous portion of love and tenderness, they are devoted, faithful and happy in family life.

Dhanishta Woman (Lioness)
Women of this sign are beautiful, generous and attractive, wonderful housewives, men feel warmth and comfort with them. It is for this reason that they have a lot of fans, they are happy in love and often marry their first man, whom they were friends with in their youth.

They are very responsible towards their loved ones, they love children and will never let them offend anyone, they are happy in marriage, but they will not tolerate ridicule and bullying. They are kind and generous at the same time, they surprisingly combine tenderness and inner strength. Usually, devoted women rarely cheat on men, and only the rudeness and cruelty of a loved one can push them to cheat.

Dhanishta Man (Lioness)
People of this combination are lazy, can afford idleness, and are often eliminated from problems. For a man, this is not the most favorable time, as they can become kind, but a little weak-willed people who hope for a lucky break and dream of love and happiness.

Faithful to the family hearth, although they can allow hobbies on the side. Usually they fall in love immediately, but in some cases they may not immediately see and recognize the woman of their destiny. Good and strong friends, however, excessive softness can lead to trouble in relationships with friends, especially women. They should learn wisdom and firmness in defending their own interests.