Indian Horoscope Chitra (Tigress) Nakshatra

Chitra (Tigress)
A bright and very interesting personality, in which artistry and the ability to present oneself beautifully, give joy to people and make a favorable impression are in the first place. Chitra (Tigress) are charming, charismatic and loving, they can be loyal and good friends.

These people are very gifted with different talents, they can express themselves in creativity and often achieve a lot in artistic activity. They are charming and smart, adapt easily to changes in circumstances and may not show their true feelings, but at the same time use their own charms.

They want to see these people, invite them to visit, talk with them and communicate, so they have a lot of friends, acquaintances and buddies in various spheres of life. Thanks to developed communication skills, such people can achieve a lot in life and make a brilliant career.

They are characterized by irascibility, ambition, and they can easily take over the interlocutor, become great friends and surround themselves with fans and admirers. But tigresses, like no one else, can show their teeth to enemies and put in their place those who disturb their peace.

Chitra Woman (Tigress)
This woman is beautiful, attractive, original and inventive. For her, independence, freedom and pleasure come first, so she does not seek to get married if she does not love a man or is not sure that he will accept her for who she is.

She is charming, so there are many men around her, but the only thing she will not tolerate is coercion. A tigress marries only for love, she can be a dangerous and treacherous rival, even if the man she loves is married. She is very demanding, interesting in communication, likes to dress fashionably, always be aware of all the news and will not tolerate pressure and humiliation even from the one she loves.

Chitra Man (Tigress)
This is a person with character and a developed sense of ownership. Jealous and very picky, will not tolerate pressure and outside interference, loves himself very much and seeks to surround himself with luxury. He does not like physical labor, he is pleased to shine in society and impress others.

He has a lot of novels, he is rarely faithful and constant, and only a constant interest in a woman can make him marry. However, he can restrain himself by marriage and by calculation, if it is beneficial for him to marry a wealthy woman, although this does not mean that he will be faithful to her and constant.