Indian Horoscope Bharani (Elephant) Nakshatra

Bharani (Elephant)
These people are beautiful, financially successful and can achieve tangible success in life. Usually they masterfully know how to do some business and succeed at the expense of it. They like to surround themselves with beautiful things and make a favorable impression on others.

People of this sign are attractive, have good health and almost never get sick. They love material goods and beautiful things more than spiritual things, they strive to succeed, but money and prestige are rarely their end in itself. They need funds in order to feel comfortable and attract the attention of others.

Bharani (Elephant) are characterized by a pleasant appearance and beauty, they are interesting, sociable, straightforward, constant in their affections and bring what they have begun to the end. They are constant in friendship and love, do not like to change people and partners, often succeed in their activities and work due to constancy, perseverance and hard work. At the same time, they can change activities, careers, or even marry several times in their entire lives, but at the same time remain true to their principles.

Bharani Woman (Elephant)
These women are rarely fickle in marriage, although for the sake of the location of a loved one they can turn mountains and become passionate lovers and bright women who are worth seeking.

They are smart, charming, they know how to please men, but, having achieved the location of a loved one, they quickly lose their fuse and become ordinary housewives, calm and devoted, appreciating comfort and love. Only in this situation can they lose the location of a partner. Left alone, they can again become passionate lovers and adventurers, but more often they devote their lives to their favorite work and children.

Bharani Man (Elephant)
Love makes this person do crazy things and do big, stupid things. Such people are interesting, talented and able to move mountains for the sake of love. These are very passionate natures during courtship, however, having achieved a result, such people cool down very quickly and become cold and indifferent to their loved ones.

The elephant becomes a homebody, and it is difficult to make him get up from the couch and remember past exploits. And only a possible betrayal can make a man of this type become bright and passionate in order to achieve his goal. Only in this situation can they again become purposeful and sociable, passionate, as before.