Indian Horoscope Ashwini (Horse) Nakshatra

Ashwini (Horse)
People of this Ashwini sign are fickle and tend to adventures and bright, unusual deeds. They are bold, responsible, unpredictable, often endowed with creative imagination and can be very passionate.

Ashwini (Horse) are demanding, they hate the routine and the absence of bright events in life. These people are very sociable, strive for popularity, talented and adventurous. They are not inclined to build a cozy home nest, they can turn many obstacles in their path, but often they lack discretion and caution, so many of their plans are difficult to implement.

Representatives of the sign are very brave, independent, value freedom and cannot stand monotony. They can be very talented in various activities and very charming, able to achieve a lot in life. Sometimes they lack push, support and support. It is for this reason that they accumulate strength and do not act immediately.

Such people are dangerous rivals, can be cruel and jealous if they are interfered with in love or in activity, so it is better for them not to cross the road.

Ashwini Woman (Horse)
These women are independent, freedom-loving, sociable and can be distinguished by determination, courage and hard work. Sometimes they are the first to confess their love if they like a man.

Subconsciously they are afraid of men with a pronounced sense of ownership, they do not want to limit their life to home and kitchen. They need a change of events, actions, scenery and people.

As a rule, such women can be content with non-committal relationships, but for the sake of great love they are capable of risky actions that they would never have dared to do in ordinary life. They love their job and strive to make their life bright, eventful and eventful.

Ashwini Man (Horse)
Men of the sign are proud, prone to risky and adventurous actions. It is for this reason that they can turn out to be very interesting interlocutors, with whom it will definitely not be boring.

Such men do not like any restrictions on freedom and strive for activities in which they can feel that their personal space is not limited. They are adventurous, reluctant to marry, it is very difficult for them to come to terms with the restrictions of ordinary marriage. But they will perfectly find a common language with women who are bright, interesting and demanding, but not able to limit their freedom and independence.