Indian Horoscope Ashlesha (Cat) Nakshatra

Ashlesha (Cat)
Such people are very charming and quite selfish. On their own mind, they do not like the framework and restrictions of their own freedom. It is easy, pleasant to communicate with them, they can be great friends, but it is difficult for them to build a marriage.

People of this sign are characterized by independence, sociability, they love to charm others, but at the same time they are extremely difficult to tame. Therefore, they fulfill obligations and debts extremely reluctantly, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Ashlesha (Cat) are insightful, endowed with intuition, laziness is characteristic of them. They even prefer working with a free schedule, they strive to succeed financially, but they hate paperwork and activities in which they have to obey clear orders and instructions.

Such people are very charming, artistic, they are characterized by selfishness and pride, but this does not make their charm less. They love to demonstrate their power to others, they can work with pleasure in command positions and love themselves, they prefer to control other people's destinies.

They are characterized by laziness and periods of inactivity, but the first impression of calmness can be deceptive, and cats can take a decisive step when no one expects anything like that from them.

Ashlesha Woman (Cat)
By nature, such women are real cats. They know how to hypnotize, can be deceptive and influential, which allows them to achieve their goal. They are smart, quirky, quite cunning and may not show their true thoughts and desires. At the same time, they can predict the future, see prophetic dreams, or they have a set of signs that always come true.

Women of this sign are rarely loyal and constant - they constantly need to flirt and be in the thick of things. At the same time, they can be faithful to the one they love and are devoted to, if such a person does not repel them.

Ashlesha Man (Cat)
Men of this sign are jealous, they have a very developed sense of ownership and desire to command others. Their women must certainly be better than others, be beautiful and interesting, like others, but belong only to him.

They easily fall for women's tricks and this gives them a lot of pleasure, but if they have laid eyes on someone, then the woman has to hold on. Cats are wonderful seducers, but if a friend is tired, they will leave her and will not explain anything. Only a very cunning and courageous person, who needs to be run and courted, can keep such a man.