Indian Horoscope Ardra (Dog) Nakshatra

Ardra (Dog)
People of this sign are real idealists who strive to fulfill their dreams. Many of them are striving for power and can turn out to be very cunning schemers who sincerely believe that they know better what to achieve for others.

Ardra (Dog) are powerful, they have precise goals, which they try in every way to bring to life. They believe that they see the desires of others and are able to follow them, they are purposeful, they prefer not to do their own business, but to interfere in others.

They are very self-sufficient, wayward, can behave unpredictably and very aggressively, but at the same time believe that the truth is on their side and that only they are right. Likewise, they love power, money, but material goods are not their main goal.

Often they believe in the idea of ​​general well-being, they try to fulfill their ambitions through earthly power, but often they make fatal mistakes for others and behave arbitrarily to the point of cruelty. Although at the same time they sincerely believe that they are right, and you can not try to convince them that they are wrong. They are faithful in friendship and love, but often their halves have to suffer because of them.

Ardra Woman (Dog)
Women of this sign are energetic, flirtatious and sociable, they like to impress others, but they tend to have some frivolity and a desire for recklessness.

These women often become the initiators of relationships and suppress the initiative of a man. It is for this reason that they can change the environment and abandon established relationships for the sake of another adventure.

They often gossip willingly and a lot, love holidays, but often believe false rumors and are easily charmed and misled. They do not hide hostility if someone is unpleasant to them, but they easily change their opinion about a person from good to bad and vice versa.

Ardra Man (Dog)
Men of the sign strive for high ideals, can be windy and unfaithful, despite the desire to create and maintain a family. They simply believe that their women should be sensual and romantic, but at the same time they do not see their role in what is happening and prefer to change their partner than to re-educate themselves and change their own views on life.

Male dogs are loyal in friendship, but they are often let down, as they do not see themselves from the outside and often wishful thinking. Otherwise, they believe in ideas, try to implement them, often make a career in work or strive to succeed in life, but often they lack practicality and rationality.