Taurus Weekly Horoscope

17 June 2024
In the first half of the week, Taurus is advised to take a more careful approach to making financial decisions about purchases. Thoughtless spending of money under the influence of an emotional impulse can lead to zeroing your budget. It is recommended to refrain from attending entertainment events such as friendly parties, discos or clubs. This may require unnecessarily high financial costs from you and will not bring the desired pleasant experience. These days, the risk of breakdown of expensive equipment increases, and this may lead to the need for additional costs for repairs or the purchase of new equipment. It is possible that external circumstances will change, as a result of which adjustments will have to be made to current plans. In the second half of the week the situation improves. You may have to devote a lot of attention and time to communicating with others: friends, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances. You may be asked to mediate a dispute between people with whom you have good relationships. And you will be able to perfectly cope with the role of an arbitrator. Trips, meetings, and contacts are going well. A good time to study and enroll in accelerated education courses.

Taurus love horoscope
This week, events are unfolding favorably for Taurus lovers. If something will create problems for them, it will be their own temperament, which inclines them to obsession with passions and, often, to jealousy. To make the week go smoothly, all they need to do is talk to their partner on Monday.

Taurus finance and career horoscope
The stars advise Taurus this week to refrain from participating in collective work as part of a group of like-minded people. Participation in shareholder meetings, discussions of plans for the future, trade union and public activities will not only not bring you benefits, but may also entail unjustified expenses. Management's demands for compliance with labor discipline may increase. Being late for work or missing an order deadline may result in penalties. It is recommended to refrain from testing new technological solutions or purchasing new electronics. Positive trends may intensify in the second half of the week. It is good to take the initiative in establishing new business connections and strengthening existing contacts. Success awaits workers in the media, transport, trade, social sphere, consulting and education. By expanding your connections, you will strengthen your position. Your intellectual abilities are in excellent shape, which makes it easier for you to work with information and communicate with people.