Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Oct 24 - Nov 22
August 21 - August 27
At the beginning of the week, married Scorpios are advised by the stars to be patient and patient. Perhaps the behavior of a marriage partner will puzzle or resent you in many ways. For example, you may not like the partner's inconsistent and optional behavior, violations of these obligations, etc. However, if you value relationships, then try to do everything possible to avoid aggravations and conflicts. Sometimes it is better not to notice any oddities in the behavior of a partner or partner - this way you can keep the relationship from aggravating, open conflict and rupture. The middle of the week is favorable for reconciliation in marital relations after quarrels. A family friend can play an important role in this. It is good to spend free time with a partner, go to visits, social events, anniversaries and weddings. This is an exceptionally good time for making new acquaintances, involving their transition to a personal or business partnership. At the end of the week this week, the stars are advised to refrain from idle pastime. The proverb “business is time, and fun is an hour” fully corresponds to the realities of the current period for you. The less you have fun in clubs, discos and concerts, the more productive this time will be.

Love horoscope for Scorpio
This week, Scorpios may be pessimistic about the future of their romance, but the stars say it's only temporary. If you are in a phase of skepticism, do not broadcast your despondency to the passion, otherwise she may decide that you have cooled down and stopped loving. Emotional disharmony is especially likely on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Career and financial horoscope for Scorpio
At the beginning of the week, external circumstances may develop unfavorably for the business activity of Scorpions. You may have to act, given the insecurity in the behavior of business partners. Promises and contractual obligations can be broken, which can disrupt your plans and cause you financial loss. Open conflict with competitors and customers is possible. You may be required to fulfill difficult obligations. This is not the best period for registering a company and submitting documents to state authorities. In the middle of the week, things are going well that require the ability to work in a team, compromise and cooperate. A business meeting with a serious business person can take place and a long-term cooperation with him can be outlined. Business relationships are intertwined with a friendly disposition - this enhances the effectiveness of your efforts and helps you realize your plans. If your work is in consulting services, then this period will be very productive. At the end of the week, refrain from new directions and stick to traditional ways of working.