Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Oct 24 - Nov 22
September 18 - September 24
At the beginning of the week, Scorpios are advised to be more careful during friendly and romantic interactions. These days may be associated with tension in relationships with friends and girlfriends. Refrain from discussing gossip and rumors - this may provoke a conflict based on false information. Try not to appear with your loved one in a friendly company. This is an unfavorable time for trying to improve, update, or change something. On the contrary, give preference to everything that has been tested by time and experience. The middle and second half of the week can direct the situation in a positive direction. You may have many trips, contacts and friendly meetings. Try to make more active contacts with others, stay up to date with current news. Acquaintances and friends can provide you with real support as soon as you ask for help. You may be contacted with requests to provide some services. Friendly interaction with others is the key to a successful week.

Love horoscope for Scorpio
This week, the behavior of Scorpio lovers is very indicative on Monday and Tuesday. Their own feelings or psychological pressure from a partner can force them to change their habits or make concessions on an issue that is important to them. An unexpected turn in a relationship is possible.

Career and financial horoscope for Scorpio
In the first half of the week, Scorpios associated with creative professions may experience complications in business. If your job involves working as part of a team, then get ready to slow down any of your creative initiatives. This is quite a difficult period for introducing and testing all kinds of innovations and improvements. To minimize troubles, do not change anything that continues to work. First of all, we are talking about technology - the desire to improve or improve something in work can lead to the exact opposite effect. Don’t scatter your energy in many directions, try to concentrate on one thing. The second half of the week may be associated with success in acquiring and strengthening business connections. Pay attention to people who appear in your field of vision. You may be offered profitable business cooperation, and in the future this will turn into a stable business partnership. Commodity and money turnover is activated, which leads to an increase in income for traders. This is especially true for wholesale purchases. Network marketing consultants may be able to attract new clients.