Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Nov 23 - Dec 21
September 11 - September 17
This week Sagittarians are advised to focus on resolving material problems - this is exactly what you can do best. Although in many ways this week may be ambiguous for you. For example, stars do not advise traveling. The less time you spend on the road, the less trouble you will have. And if you find yourself on a long trip, then refrain from making acquaintances and do not be frank with fellow travelers about your personal life. Now you can't trust anyone with your secrets. It is necessary to lead a calm and measured lifestyle, not forgetting about proper nutrition and exercise. The most successful area in which you could realize yourself is professional activity, career. With proper activity, you could very well achieve improved working conditions, increase your status, and strengthen your position in the work team. Clean up your surroundings at home and in the workplace. You can become a more prominent figure if you take a leading position in a competition or casting. At the same time, be more careful about your reputation and do not violate the law.

Love horoscope for Sagittarius
For Sagittarians, the stars are telling them that the middle of this week may not be too suitable for their romantic plans. If you are not attracted by the prospect of talking with your loved one about your work or everyday problems, try not to schedule a date for Wednesday and Thursday.

Career and financial horoscope for Sagittarius
This week may be ambiguous for Sagittarius. The stars advise focusing on solving current issues of everyday business life. Try to show your best business qualities: hard work, concentration and practicality. Consistent behavior and strict adherence to a pre-agreed plan will definitely be crowned with success. It will not be easy for those who work away from home on a rotational basis. The employer's requirements for compliance with labor discipline and quality of work will increase. Try not to be late for work and not be away from your workplace for a long time. Otherwise, you may be fined a large amount. Those who work remotely on the Internet may face difficulties. This time is characterized by successful interaction between superiors and subordinates. If you work in subordinate positions, you can count on the support of your superiors at any time. For executives, this is an excellent period for organizational steps that consolidate achievements.